Odd 'screeching' in my joystick


Forgive me if there is already a thread I could post this in but I could not find one. The joystick in my Madcatz Pro makes an odd noise I have not noticed now. An odd screeching noise. Though very low its still always there.
Is this something to be concerned about or is it natural? I should not that I have only owned it since March and its not my primary stick but I did lend it to someone until they could get their own so its seen a reasonable amount of use between me and them. Any advice would be appreciated.


Would help if you stated when it makes that sound, when it’s on and doing nothing? Pressing buttons? Moving the stick?


Assuming you mean the noise happens when you’re moving the lever, buy molykote or shin etsu grease and lube the pivot.


Oh sorry! The joystick itself is doing that.


Noted. Thank you!




This, I had similar expediences that was easily fixed with the addition of lube.


Bit off-topic, but that reminds me of this story I read about how some guy opened up a fat PS2, only to find that it was turned into a roach colony.


That’s two to say that. Thank you. I will look into it.