Odd SFII normal links

It seems like there are plenty of normals which can link in SFII that I never knew about until the last year or so.

Blanka-SF II CE,HF,Super. Strong X Fierce
Ryu - SF II Super? c.Strong X c.Strong, c.Strong X c. Fierce

I know alot more must exist (CE Bison, CE Vega (mask), Super chun li…)

Could some combo masters help make a list?

You’re looking at a very long list and most of the ones you listed are pretty common. Find out for yourself through experimentation, it’s not that hard.

Yea, it’s just im not sure if alot of these links are 100% confirmable. It seems like sometimes they work, sometimes they don;t.

If a link worsk once, then it works period. You have to keep in mind that some links are just freakin’ hard to do, so natural human error can easily make them not work again. :slight_smile:

Also, some links require specific distances, and different characters have different widths and hit animations standing and crouching, so some links will work on them and some won’t (and only in certain situations!). And then there’s things like meaties, which some links might require, etc.

Combine these all together, and add the fact that old-school SF2 is fucking LOADED with links anyhow, making a definite listings of every single link in the game is a HUGE task. :confused: