Odd Stick Problem


I have a HRAP VX SA Kai (360) and I’ve taken real good care of it. For some reason it just doesn’t work anymore, when I plug it into my PC or 360 all four player indicator lights turn on but they’re pretty dim. No inputs are being recognized on the 360 and the PC doesn’t even think anything is plugged in. What could be the problem?


First make sure the USB breakaway is firmly seated and that the plug hasn’t dislodged from the Kai motherboard.

Failing that try replacing the USB cable.


I don’t know much about how everything should look but it seems like everything is secure. Is there any guide to replacing that cable?


Next time check the stickies. Here is a copy of a response I have someone else with similar issues.


The part where it says You PC actually detecting a device although the computer states “USB device is not recognized”, my PC doesn’t even think a device is plugged in. I mean the lights on the stick comes up rather dim but the PC detects no device whatsoever. Will this solution still work for my problem?


Did you even read the quoted portion of my past post?

Your data wires in your USB cord is broke. Replace the cable, I even included a how-to video.


Yes I did read that portion and was asking a question based off of the quoted portion of the post. While my problem is similar to what is said in the quoted portion it isn’t exactly it and just wanted to know if it still applies.

But I’m going to try this anyways, thanks