Odd things to note about



  • While playing cvs2 against the cpu at Isu Theme Park (japanese ver. cvs2 with slower speed3), weird side switch happened with my N Rolento vs. cpu Vice. I did patriot circles and Vice blocked the first set of 3 hits, so I delayed my 2nd and 3rd sets of 3 hits. On the 2nd set of 3 hits, Rolento was rubbing herself to Vice at point blank or even closer than point blank distance, and then the 3rd set of circles went through Vice and was hitting the air behind Vice. Vice was still in block animation facing away from now-crossed Rolento; basically she didn’t turn around when I did. I drum 3 punches (hp->mp->lp) for the 2nd and 3rd circles.

late April, 2005

  • At Isu, I was playing against EZ8. It was A Bison vs. A Bison, and I remember hitting him with a short scissor kicks (it could have been something else that knocked him down). The scissor kicks sent him flying towards the corner, and my Bison was about full screen away. For some odd reason, he tech rolls on the fall and I was obviously sliding with cr.RH. It hit him, but in a weirder way than it normally does. Something just hit me inside my head as the cr.RH was hit, so I reacted and activated and hit him with a CC. I was really close to the end of my cr.RH when it hit him and by the time I activated I could hit his Bison with a cr.jab and procede with the paint.

Characters that won’t cross up when hit by Bison’s crouching RH

  • Iori, Terry, Yamazaki, Benimaru
    You should know why this is important to note.

Things that beat Blanka electricity from the air

  • ChunLi: Stomp (2+MK), diagonal j.lk (crosses up), df+RH
    Honda: with the tip of his diagonal j.hk
    Yama: j.HK above Blanka
    There are probably more to this list