Odd Zangief-related dream I had a few hours ago



I dreamt that I was Zangief himself, in his s/sf4 gameplay animation (not a live-action irl look, mind you), doing a fierce splash against a giant crimson colored billygoat with a really long neck, almost like a giraffe. I was about to connect that fierce splash into another move (can’t remember), but I whiffed it and I only got the billygoat to about 1/4 health (his health bar was visually hovering right above him).

after the billgoat realizes this he attempts to snap at me with his gnashing teeth and his long neck reach. at this sudden moment I flinch and dodge his bite just narrowly missing my arm.

I then wake up.

moral of the story? I should practice my executions better.

pardon me if this thread is completely irrelavent to this forum, but I chuckled at it and thought I’d share it with you all. lock it if you must.


LOL… sounds like a fun dream awesome share