Oekaki Help

Where do u guys go to do this thingy? I am still not sure where to go(well like a good site/online thingy) and what Oekaki program…like theres Oekaki potato and etc…whatever

Anyways how do u go through the installation process?

i read the maunally buts its messed

So if u plp can list where u go to do it and/or sites u download the file from to use the online thingy.
I just need help installing it and probaly some help with the functions

Cause reading this manually i read was scary


The following is reqiured:

UNIX or Windows NT server
PHP version 4.1 or higher
CHMOD support (UNIX) or read/write/execute permissions (Windows NT)
mySQL account

Determining if you are a newbie

You are considered a newbie if…

You do not know what an FTP client is.
You do not know how to create directories.
You do not know how to CHMOD files / directories.
You do not know how to switch between ASCII / Binary modes on your FTP.
You do not have a website and you still think you can install OekakiPoteto.
–> o.O!!1