Off beat question

Anyone know of any comedy clubs in the evo area? Was hoping to maybe hit up an open mic or something, but I’ve never been to vegas before. I’ve always wanted to get a feel for the west coast crowd to work on my shit.

Bunkhouse Saloon and 420 Hooka Lounge are the only 2 I can think of off the top of my head, not sure when their open mic nights are tho, just know my supervisor in my shop also does stand up and those are the 2 places he goes…I’ll try to get you some more info

Good lookin out. I also heard of a spot called Boomers that does it on sunday nights, but I dunno if I can miss Mahvel finals for anything.

Oh yeah, forgot to update you…there is a place called AJ’s that does open mic on fridays, but its a little ways down the strip… should have info for ya