Off to San Diego!

I am actually AT San Diego already now! This hotel has limited internet access, and that’s why I am posting here. But the next few days are gonna be nuts so I doubt I have too much time checking the net.

For all that is going to be at the con, I look forward to seeing you!

Members attending with me here includes -

Ken Siu-Chong
Arnold Tsang
Andrew Hou
Jo Chen
Omar Dogan
Christine CHoi
Gary Yeung
Mark Brooks
Charles Park
Jim Zubkavich
Joe Vriens
Sacha Heilig
Eric Vedder
Scott Hepburn

jeeze, now you make me feel bad for not going this year, but have a good time and if you meet Jim Lee over there, ask him to draw for the Street Fighter fans when his contract is up with DC:D

good luck udonneko!I wish you very good luck at this years comicon.Bad thing is I will never get to go there because its too far from where I live.Well good luck and see you when you come back to these forums.

Hey udoneko i hope you have lots of fun at the San Diego comic con, I was going to go but i have to attend my cousin’s wedding this week so i cant make it. DAMN!!!, Hey can i trouble you to get me the Sota exclusive figure of evil ryu and bison? I’ll pay you good money for it. heheh j/k… no seriously can you?

just got back from preview night//got my summer issue signed by a bunch of the Udon crew/and Arnold drew bison on the back of the issue!!! too cool

awesome stuffs! How come Alvin isn’t going?
I’d absolutely LOOVE to be there right now… but FOR SURE next year I’m gonna go… I guess I’ll have to settle with “only” the Canadian National Comic Expo 2004 this year… lol

see you there!

hey could you get me an autograph from Arnold Tsang?


Back from day one of SDCC! I cannot believe how many people actually come over at Preview Night this year! It has been very busy at the booth, and Arnold did a total of 38 sketches and Omar did 24 in just the 3 hours of the show! We have Mark Brooks sitting down doing a few sketches too, and even Ale Garza showed up signing and sketching for the fans!!!

Tomorrow is going to start the insane long days of 10 - 7!!

For those who are coming, Capcom brought down a SF 2 and a SF 3 machine and you can play for free!!! Also sponsored by Capcom, we will be doing raffles of some cool stuff, including a posters of Crimson Tears, Megaman, Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, Megaman Radios, and Chaos Legion Pocket Watches starting tomorrow!!!

Living Room games brought “Vote Bison for President” buttons for give aways!!!

Nuby got prototypes of their controllers and I have to say I am very impressed with the real thing in my hand!!

Sota brought down a real size Sagat sculpt so you can take picture with Sagat holding your head!!

Anyway, more when I have time posting!

P.S. Alvin did not make the show coz he has some private stuff that he is off to Asia. But he will be at Chicago Wizard World!!


(I’m going to be at Wizard World Chicago)

Thanks for the update, Erik! Do you know who else will be with you guys at Wizard World Chicago?

i hope you guys have a great time at the convention.

udoneko, do you happen to know if the summer special comic is going to be sold on any online website? I never found out if they were going to have it on an online… any info would help. thanks.

if they where to have it it will probaly be on or on

Oh man Udoneko I’m still sad I didn’t make it to convention this year. Thanks for these updates for those of us who aren’t there! You certainly keep us filled in with the news. Will you post some pictures of the event in the issues/site? THat’d be great to see!

Yeah, there are quite a few on eBay. Got one for 16 bucks. Oy.



hey i’m really excited about getting into the sf comic. i’ve been out of comics for like five years now and this one caught my eye. just wondering if i can’t find all of the back issues that if there are any plans for a graphic novel to be released? thanks


If anyone is there take pics of the whole crew. Good luck.

i would love to see one of those vote for bison bottons.Damn i want one too!

there is a trade paper back graphic novel that has issues 1- 6.