Offensive is greater then defensive

No that AE came out, rushdown characters are dominating, who do you think is the best? I personally thought Akuma is still the best, but no one really uses him.

Yun has the most offensive OPTIONS imo. Though Fei Long’s particular options are often better he doesn’t have as many.

I think Seth does, but it doesn’t mean hes the better character.

I would say overall Seth has the most offensive options, but Yun is the best offensive character. I don’t consider Fei a heavy offensive character. He’s designed to be a wall that punishes mistakes.

Fei is considered a rushdown on many strategy guides. But I feel ibuki is underrated just like akuma

I wouldn’t say Fei rushes down like Yun and the like. He’s more like a slowly advancing tiger that cuts on options with his strong normals.

Seth probably has the most options for pure rushdown, considering that’s mostly how his character was built. He has shoryuken for hard reads and AA, a command grab for catching people trying to guard, his tanden engine to punish people for pushing buttons, a dive kick that links into his flurry kick which, depending on the stage placement, leads to far more hits, and a teleport to get in or out whenever he wants. It really covers practically every option for rushdown, it’s just up to the player to guess right.

However, he’s definitely not the safest rushdown. Seth players have to make correct reads to survive, and with his low health, he can’t afford mistakes.

No Makoto? Or Rufus? Or even Yang?


Cammy - TKCS = weak offense

Seth has the most options, Akuma has the safest options when executed perfectly, and Yun has a good mix of both.

Should I make another one that has an option of other?

Makoto has a small number of extremely good options. But outside of mixups the VOLUME of options she has is fairly limited in comparison to Fei/Yun/Yang/Akuma/Ibuki. However her mixups are amazing, only thing she is missing is a solid crossup (Tsurgi and j.MK are extremely location and character specific) but she doesn’t really need one since her other mix up options are amazing.

Really because I have no issue doing massive dive kick pressure with regular jumping dive kicks and extkcs. I don’t see how many people cannot use cammy because her tkcs got removed. I think you people relied on it far too much.

Seth but the thing is his “options” but for him its gambles not options. You guess right or wrong and the match goes according to that.