Offensive or Deffensive

Best way to play with Remy? Offensive or Deffensive?

I don’t know about anyone else but I always turtle with Remy.

Turtle that shit down. When you feel that the odds are on your side(more life, more bars and so on) for the outcome of the round, attack.

Remy is offensive.

i dont know who you are trying to kid, remy is a more defencive charecter all around, if you can play guile (SF2 version) you can play remy. Only offence you should have is a trip. This style most often makes ppl very…mad, 4 it is :lame:

a trip? lol…ok.

Best way to play with Remy is your way. :tup:

Yep and for me thats to sit back and counter anything and everything that comes my way. For why should I go after you, to get parried, to deal little to know damage because Remy has no high damaging combos or to run into a super just because i’m one attack a way from a victory?

I think i’m going to play my way as long as i don’t get crushed in competition using Remy, if I play someone else say Ken for instance, I will never back down and keep up the pressure to win.

It depends because against so characters u can turtle ur ass of but against other u can’t. Also is good to mix up with defensive way with offesive since that would make ur opponent guess. Even so I prefer more the offesive type myself but lately I been practicng on my new mass and always end like a damn turtle :frowning:

In china town your way didnt work =D

Remy is totally an offensive character.

Totally :tup:

u win the thread

i thought i was the only china town remy… lol oh have the times have changed. WHO HERE PLAYS REMY IN CHINATOWN OTHER THAN ME? LOL I THOUGHT I WAS SPECIAL!!!

if u wanna get good with remy try playing against some of the good locals there (justin, henry, flash, zar, OJ,etc…). its not offensive or defensive its more of an active turtling where u move your sprite out of the way of the opponent coming in and u attack that area instead of attacking the opponent.

like shadow boxing?

I think u could say that but let’s call it “Blue Nocture”.

You are special, what the chameleon was doing wasn’t really playing =D.

It’s good to switch up offense and defense imo.

If you keep sittin’ back and turtling, your opponent will probably out parry you and if they have the right character, expect to eat a big combo.

u guys dont seem to get it.

u push them forward when they make a mistake (cr hp-> rrf, throw, air hp, rh cbk) u then close the distance in order to back away hitting THEM while they reach in for u again.

u then have the lov’s there to make them react… if they dont chase or they start running away u get to throw shit and bounce around near it where ever u please.

u guys should put behind the ideas of offensive or defensive when playing remy. his defence forces the opponent to play more aggresively this will allow instances that u accounted for to happen while they try to get in (seen it happen a thousand times? oh, i can do a cbk here). u can be in the counter position to it IF U DECIDE TO just to throw them off cus they didnt expect to “catch up” to u.

You’re either high or drunk, or both, right now, aren’t you?