Offensive strategy vs turtlers?



I’ve had some problems playing sagat vs extremely defensive players. With 'gat’s defense, its pretty easy to fight off overly aggresive people with TU’s, the massive priority of well space TK’s and cr HP.

Where I have problems is with extremely patient/defensive opponents, who sit back and stuff things, it seems like sagat’s non-knockdown mixup options are extremely limited, and if they block my blockstrings, and tech my throws I feel like gat’s offense can be really predictable.

any advice on how to deal with these players? Is there any more to it than getting a small life lead and laming them out with shots? I’d love to know any thoughts!


I would shot them imo. That usually makes them come in and you csn punish jump ins. If the are throw teching alot try for crouch tech frame traps to blow them up. Also overhead works good for people crouch blocking


i’ve always wondered this. what if they do nothing but focus tiger shots?


Some people are really good at this, I played a Sagat who would do that a lot and Kara ex TU through the next fireball! Damn cool.

My tip to this would be to monitor your opponent, see what he does every time he Focuses a shot. Some people move backwards, use that to your advantage to get them into the corner, if they get focus happy and have a lot of grey life to build up keep chucking the shots and wait for a jump in etc. Sometimes when people have a lot of grey life they panic and mess one focus and lose it ALL. Also, treat it like Rose’s reflect, change up your patterns, timing, speed etc try to make them make a mistake, get closer and kara TS.

Hope this helps!


First I want to say I think this a design flaw in Sagat to not have some of the very fast and effective offense that some of other fireballers do…that said if the opponent is just waiting I would try some TK mix ups to either touch them with the knee or come close to touching them to make them react.

Here is the problem it does not really work on Guile, Ryu or Ken


Tech Trap. Everyone can do it and Sagat is no exception.