Offer to run successor to Tech Talk: NewVsCity


I don’t feel like retyping shit so a lot of it is on this twitter thread:

Anyway I’m offering to either run on my own or collab with someone to make a successor to SRK Tech Talk with a side FGC forum or whatever.

I haven’t bought the hosting yet, and someone has expressed interest in hosting, but I already own a vBulletin license and I’ve just registered the domain for the potential site.

I’m willing to give back to the community (again).

I’ve been a member since 2001, and I was the originator of the first fully organized HRAP FAQ thread.

I also said stuff about games using random ass riddles or whatever.

Right now I’m trying to get opinions and so far just on twitter.

So what’s your takes?


Sounds good to me


This and/or a community wikia.


Remember Its the people not the forums that made this place a community

You all are our most important resource, not the data with in


Talk to @“Jasen Hicks” as he’s already talking to Wiz about this same thing, and is building a team and some backers to do this.

Better to coordinate all the efforts to preserve the forums instead of everyone trying to do their own thing and just splitting the community up even more.


I feel like SRK at least need to keep tech help and game help forums for the kind of things they do.


What jasen is trying to do involves a database that’s 19 years old, it’s not cheap nor easy to maintain such an endeavor. If OP gives up on this said forum it could be easily handled over to someone else and won’t be nearly as costly to fund.


I already have the hosting set up, I just have to install vbulletin. I can look into seeing if it’s possible to port Xenforo content to vBulletin. But the other way which is not as convenient yet a lot easier is just to repost everything.

I’m a good work right now so I haven’t installed vB yet.


Damn autocorrect, I wrote this while I was going to work this morning. I’m still at work on break right now.

But yes, this will be a go.


Vanilla, not Xenforo though.


SRK is staying up so I am going to can newvscity, I can get a refund on my hosting since it’s still early.


What happened?
Is there a link?