Offical CS thread: beta opening to public

With Global Offensive coming along, kinda surprised there wasn’t already a thread for this.

Check here to fill out the survey and get yourself eligible to get a beta invite.

I want a key I want a key I want a key.

Will be filling out as well.

My PC sucks! Imma get on my brother’s laptop and sign up to get a keyD:

Signed up. Thanks!


This will be my first honest shot at a CS game, I played 1.6 casually back in college but that’s about it. Never had a good enough computer to get newer versions until now. Anyone on here really played the previous games seriously?

Right now the crosshairs in this seem too CoD’ish, almost optimized for consoles. Change them back to regular CS crosshairs and I’m sure this game will at least be better than Source!