Offical Lovegety Station Thread - SSF4 AE is here!

Seeing how TFNS and Heroes World have their own threads, I figure we might as well have one for people to organize meet ups at Lovegety.

505 Highway 7 E
Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1

lovegety - Google Maps

They get pretty random, for the most part the owner opens from 4-5pm to 2-3am 7 days a week, 365days a year.

Tuesdays it’s usually open starting at 9pm.

It’s opened during public holidays.

Bus Directions:
From **Finch **Station:
take the viva pink from finch station to West Beaver Creek and hwy7
take the viva **blue **to richmond hill center and transfer to viva **purple **eastbound to West Beaver Creek and hwy 7

Arcade Layout
Here’s a walk around of Gety courtesy of BuddahForce

The cabs here take both quarters and tokens. You can buy a bag of 100 tokens from the boss buy talking to him directly for $20. You basically get 20 free tokens.

Super SSF4 AE its here!
Tekken 6: BR
BB: CS (BB:CS2 on its way)
kof 98 um
KoF 13
zaft vs rengou ii
Melty Blood MBAC ver. B2.

The owner speaks relatively poor english, but if you find a broken button or something you can still ask him to fix it pretty much right away.

They have KOF98 UM GGAC not #R and they have Gundam vs Gundam Next and Rengou vs Zaft IIRC.

you’ve got to be fucking kidding me

Lovegetty anyone?

sorry pringles but TODAY IS CLOSE. (this sentence is up for interpretation)

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if there are enough getty players to sustain the thread, it can stay open. what do the regular getty players think?

I thought the exodus sealed any getty threads fate?

i think it’s time for the kief fiending to return.

ugh, this thread is dead

i’ll be dropping by gety some time this evening to see if they have AE yet. If anyone is heading there before me feel free to chime in and let everyone know if they have it yet.

I’ve heard that the cabs are delayed for one reason or another.

i went to gety today, AE is not there. Didn’t have time to find the boss and ask him when he’s getting it.

I actually like this thread since it is always hard for some of us in London to figure nights that are actually good to come by. It would help to know when are good times to come by, and also when AE cabs are coming. Do they still have that old 100 in 1 cab that plays ST and do they ever set it up?

hey chris, went there today, didnt see any ST. didnt get a too good look though

It’s Lovegety, not Lovegetty. :razz:

It’s definitely Tekken 6: BR, no need for that question mark. Also it’s been confirmed that we’re getting BB:CS2 soon, so that should be edited into the first post. For the timing being, we will be the only location outside of Japan to have the game, so it’s a big deal.


The cab you’re talking about was taken out a long time ago, sorry. When AE drops, you can safely come every day, whenever you want. When the hype dies down, Friday nights are your best bet, between 7 - 9. Myself and others go to Lovegety very often, so we’ll keep the thread updated.

I’ll come to Toronto once you guys get the Arcade edition. Alvin I like to see you there and the rest of my peeps up there. I’m hearing alot of good things about it and I’m excited as hell. Let’s see.

Haha ahh that’s too bad. But that sounds great, I plan to come by quite a bit more. Looking forward to the excitement over the game.

That’s great to hear! Be sure to say hi if you see me, I’m a lanky white dude who plays Honda.