Offical Number of Entrants per Game?


I have heard that it went Super > T6 > HDR > Melty Blood > MvC2 > TvC > Womens

But I refuse to believe that MB got more than MvC2 so does anyone have the official numbers to either make me eat my words or prove me right


Yeah I agree, this would be a great piece of information to have. I don’t know why this hasn’t been released…


or even results from the full bracket…


it’s very amateurish not to release these figures especially when they’re complimenting Evo as one of the biggest open tournaments ever
also why there’s no prize money breakdown for each game?

wtf… would take someone 1 minute to write these things and it’s in Evo’s interest to keep a good image


I’ve heard melty blood had 170 something entries only. hdr and mvc2 had some 300 players and I haven’t heard a thing about tvc and tekken and the womens tournament for ssf4 had 50.

But this was just a random thing I read on irc so take it with a grain of salt.


Evo2010 is over, therefore support for it is over. Don’t expect any post-update, DVD or footage uploaded to the youtube channel!!!


… no news is bad news


I’d also like to see the numbers. Does anybody remember the number/size of the pools at least? It’d be nice to at least be able to approximate, since nobody on the staff cares enough to respond.


LOL the # of entrants is pretty irrelevant to everyone but the staff and is just gonna spark some kinds of flmaewar of “this game suxxzz only got 139 peeps.” Besides, there are multiple posts in the other threads regarding the # of entrants

Here are rough estimates:

SSf4 1700
Tekken 300+
HDR ~300
MvC2 ~200-250
Melty Blood ~150-200
TvC ~150-200
Women’s Tourney ~50

Hope that holds you guys over (ed. note:all games except for HDR and SSf4 may maintain an error margin of 100%. Nonetheless, the ed. believes his estimates are solid.