Offical tournament rules?

This is mainly addressing SFIV tournaments but all non-team fighting game tournaments in general.

Now these are the rules for almost all the tournaments I’ve ever been too (EVO, ECC, NEC, OKC, TFZ Tours, and many others)

-Double Elimination
-You don’t have to stick with the same character unless you just won
-2 out of 3, finals 3 out of 5
-You can change your button configuration
-Friends aren’t placed in the same exact bracket
-You can use your own controller
-You can request to switch sides (1P > 2P, 2P > 1P) after loss.
-And of course game specific rules like illegal characters and such.

Now the tournament at our Gamestop held during the same week of SFIV’s release did the exact Opposite.

-Single Elim
-The character you choose from the start is the character you HAVE to stick with.
-1 out of 1
-You CAN’T change you button confige.
-Friends were place in the order on the bracket as there were in line (naturaully most friends were next to each other in line.)
-You had to use the controller provided to you (All fucking PADS, no STICKS!!)
-And you couldn’t play as Gouki (cause he wasn’t unlock [even though he’s playable in the arcades])

Now of course the reason I am asking this question is because It seems that other contraries like Japan and some European ones don’t do the whole double elimination thing.

So my question is what is the MLG ruling on offical fighting game rules? Does MLG matter? Are the rules not that important that there not recognized as being something to seriously to consider?


No, they don’t.

When has shit like MLG ever been relevant? (FPS aside)

MLG was never relevant for anything, ever.

If there has ever been a definitive set of rules for how to play Street Fighter games at tournaments, it’s been under the Evo ruleset. They’re not always perfect, but shit, at least they know something about fighting games. MLG and Shitstop teaching someone rules about fighting games is like a virgin teaching you how to have sex.

Ok, understood about that.
So are there certain rules you like/dislike or anything?

I thiiink you’re supposed to push and then wiggle… actually I’m not sure about that. I dunno, hopefully she’ll be able to tell you what you’re supposed to do? :xeye:

Just mash it and see what comes out

lol, off topic ftw!
But seriously. Anyone else?

I actually like Gamestop’s rule about sticking with the same character throughout. Obviously their rules about pads only/ default layout only is a bad choice. As you can see from their 1 outta 1 setup though, they weren’t exactly trying to take up alot of time at each event.

I’m not too familiar with MLG but they are relevant for FPS/3PS games. I might be wrong, but isn’t MLG the group that hosts that big Madden tourney too?

I like that ban on Akuma, simply cause he wasn’t unlocked… LOL. I wonder if other Gamestops that had him unlocked would allow him?

Well, I personally thought that MLG had a part in helping out with EVO. Either way, the same character rule isn’t a big one, but I don’t see why a player can’t change if they want to. The player is winning, not the character. This what I believe.

MLG and EVO…?


…and no, you shouldn’t be able to change your character if you win. That effectively ruins counter-picking.

If you win, I agree. But in just general at any time I don’t for the same reason you do. match ups =/