Offical whos there already Chatter


So whos all in the area already, whos taping/ getting pics? whos chilling? Who if any of the Japan players have landed?..Let the Evo Fest begin :smiley:


Ill be there soon enough…Peace…



my flight arrives thursday around noon:cool:

can’t wait to meet all you guys and play everybody


my flight arrives tomorrow at 10:20 am.

Let us talk about USFIV Zangief here

Yeah, a lot of people are getting here on thursday, that would suck if there was a delay or something. Like if somebody phoned in a bomb threat…:cool:


I just got in not too long ago but I’m not doing shit till tomorrow. I’m tired as hell. I’ll be checking some stuff out tomorrow. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


ill be there in a couple hrs


I’ve been here since Tuesday…You’ll see me there taping, losing really quick, and taping more. I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll be wearing a shirt that has a bunch of weed on it…


I wonder what happen to free play.


Just so you guys know…
ur all about 15 minutes away from some of the best stri…ahem…um…“clubs” in the world ;).


i’m here, and ready to go. gorath, look for me or the other two cracka’s that i’m with.


if you guys can, i extremely, Highly recommend eating lunch @ Sam Woo’s Korean BBQ in Montebello, CA (LA County). They have the best Chicken Wings w/ Spicy Salt. god tier.

If you’re South bound, driving directions:

Take the Pamona Freeway, Highway 60, Garfield Ave Exit on the right.

  • Should be next to a car dealership (Ford or Nissan, i forget which) and next to Denny’s.

From LA, that would approx. 30-45 min drive.

I’m unsure about N. bound directions, lol.

Here’s’s helpful guide:

-> [600-619] N GARFIELD AVE
90640, US

Oh, there’s also a closer one in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Depending on where you are, take the 405 Freeway, Sherman Oaks Blvd/Ave, should be on the left.

  • unsure if it’s Blvd or Ave since i don’t go to that one often.

Here’s’s helpful guide:

-> [4200-4250] SHERMAN OAKS AVE
91403, US

try to get there, but this place might not be for everyone since it’s also a Dim Sum. :o

I might be down around the weekend, but no gaurentees.


Seeing as its now the Hour of Evo Power, evryones basically showed up whos going to show up :cool:

Which fighter has the most potential to take over FGC?

orientation for all players is in 10 minutes… otherwise not much has happened. Signups have gone for almost 3 hours this morning, despite their planning to only go for 1 hour… and TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE BAKED! >_>


You’ll see me… if you’re there… i’m the white guy wearing a red shirt and a hachimaki getting owned in MvC2 and CvS2 :slight_smile: Gotta go… orientation starts soon.


my nig’ qwazy is there.


If you by chance owned this guy: (on the 1p side, short red hair, side burns, hair on my chin, shorts) thats me. I’m already out so I’ve got all the time in the world for casual.



I was out before i was in… in CvS2 and in MvC2… lol. I’ve seen you around, but we cant do a whole lot of casual play… GGXX semi-finals just started, and MvC2 pool 13-16 is going to finish soon (hopefully). If you want ot play casually in CvS2 or MvC2, you’re going to have to go to the Arizona Team room in the Shiloh Inn… but it’s already packed in there most of the time. I hope i can get a few free matches in before this thing is over.


But what about the arcade at Cal Poly? That’s still open right? If not… gay. I was mad enough when the games were all raised to 50c but if its shut down today >:O


I dont know if it’s open… we drove down temple like 2 miles and ended up in walnut CA… i only saw 1 white person there, and i saw an arcade… but i doubt anyone’s there, and finals start soon =P
I have yet to go to the arcade… i dont know where it is, but i’ll check it out if i can.