Office worker meltdown

i really want to post this in gd because its so hilarious but i dont want to get banned:

Holy shit! They taser him and everything.

Damn at that woman who got the monitor in her face.

:xeye: He got the high ground at 1:55, how did he screw it up… dood?

That seems kind of fake but I paused it for a minute and thought…did he really just throw a computer at that woman? :rofl:

imagine how shitty his life and job must have been for him to go nuts like that, i can’t help but identify with the man since i work in a shitty office environment that can drive you crazy. sometimes you just need to throw a monitor at some bitch

Berserk Dood.

How the fuck?

awww he didn’t yell “don’t tase me bro”

Honestly, I’d rather work for $10 an hour than drive myself to the brink like that.
Even if that was totally out of line, I feel for that guy. They call it cubicle hell for a reason.
Wonder what that guy said to throw him over the edge like that.

wow that was crazy

that guy is russian so maybe it is staged…

to me it looks quite real though