Official 3DS News/Discussion thread


To start things off:


Shit is looking better than anything PSP can come up with. Also, it’s real-time.


I’ll buy it if they come out with a new Cooking Mama.


There’s Martha Stewart coming


Looks like The Magic Box is reporting it will have Virtual Console…oh man this thing is gonna own so much.


Sign me up if the graphics are like that.


If they go to a darker theme then I’m in, but if they keep coming out with crap then fuck it.


Loads of the games look promising so far, I’m very enthusiastic.


Or maybe…do both? So far it’s got a lot of the “hardcore” titles on board, and also has the Nintendo stuff. I honestly wouldn’t give a flying fuck about 3DS if it went purely the way of 360/PS3, aka 5 bazillion Gears ripoffs and Call of Duty style shumups.


Really excited for this. Had some friends that went to E3 and they said nothing but good things about it. They told be that in addition to Blue, Red and Black, there was also a Purple and Dark Amber-ish color. I’m hoping the purple color gets released.:wgrin:


As long as I get another Bleach DS fighting game. Not like PSP series.


I want a dark themed Pokemon, rated M. Live graphics, no cartoons.



jk. cool teaser but that was a cutscene, [media=youtube]a7detDcmMKY[/media] If 3DS gets a Mass Effect or Dead Space my head would explode.


Portable Mass Effect would be awesome, but it ain’t happening unless MS comes out with a portable.


a little bit of footage of paper mario and mario kart 3ds



Live graphics? What is that photo sprints of guys in Pokemon suits battling? You could play that on Photo Dojo right now if you had the suits.


Since I do about 99% of my gaming on the go I cannot wait until I can preorder this. Plus the ability to play Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario while away from home is just to much to be hyped about.


Yeah no kidding. I’ve been thinking about playing OoT for awhile now and this news just blew me away.

Can’t wait to see those Dead Hands in 3D.


I really hope that screen resolution gets bumped up. 400x240 would be a waste of what this hardware is capable of.


This man knows what’s up.