Official AE Juri Changes Thread

Just lettin yall know that Arcade UFO ( Austin, TX), will be getting 4 AE Cabinets on Dec. 18th. They will be open for 24 hours on that day allowing people to try out AE. I plan on being there for a good 5 hours or so trying out the new characters, and confirming changes to Juri, as well as one or two other character. Any questions about her, please post here and Ill write them all down and find out the answer for yall. Ill post all changes on the 18th, when I get back from UFO.

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yea, i’ll bring some changes as well since CTF is getting it in NYC.

Game Galaxy will have it on launch date. (I hope)

We’ll see soon enough. Then again, I think I read we won’t be getting it until the 21st. I could be wrong though.

I dont know if the Seattle area is getting one, but could you guys check out the following for me:

  1. Are any version of pinwheel and dive kick safe on block?

  2. Does Ultra 2 work better as an anti-air? Also does it catch people now when they jump behind the ultra 2 (basically when she does ultra 2, she spins, but when someone jumps especially in the corner the ultra wont catch)(Like does it catch like Rufus Ultra 2 does when someone tries to jump over)

  3. Does her normals have advantage after block? Correct me if im wrong, but I believe some of her normals are out a disadvantage when blocked and according to the frame data?

  4. How is her walk speed?

  5. Will the fireball release hit opponent after the juggle state from the initial fireball kick?

  6. Any damage increase or decrease on any normals, specials, super, and ultra’s?

  7. Using Ultra 1, is there any new combos like with her fireball juggle?

  8. How are Yun and Yang? I’m still keeping Juri as my main as I’m not giving up on her, but I think I need a secondary character and thinking about one of those guys, mostly Yang though sinced I used him in 3rd strike.

  9. How’s the overall balance of the game and does any of Juri’s bad matchup’s get any better and vice versa?

Sorry for such a long list! The help will be greatly appreciated! If I think of anymore I’ll post again. Also, Big Thanks in advance if you could get these answers or even some.

dude just have fun, i think the main things are:

  • reliable U2 setups with the fireball kick
    -how fast is her walk speed
  • did her normals get a buff
  • can you FADC fireballs other than lk easier and also has her dash itself changed

any changes to pinwheel id like to know too, but there you go im just more concerned with better U2 setups.

Apart from what has already being asked, I’d like to know if there have being any changes to the way her and c.hp work. I’m concerned they might be nerfed if they any major changes made to her U2.

Also, have fun, as a European, I’m envious of you!

If someone is willing to take the time of their day to test, I guess I’d be most interested in the hitbox changes:

-does her FA whiff some low attacks?
-does j.MP in the corner still behave similarly?
-far.HK on crouching pixies, does it whiff?
-some of the combos that whiffed before on some character, like 3x cr.LK and cr.LK,sc.LK,cr.LK, do they work more reliably
-did they change the reach on fuhajin store, so you could use it in combos (thinking cr.LK,sc.LK,cr.MP xx fuhajin store)
-does senpusha still whiff last hits on crouchers? (doesn’t really matter but nice to know)

-if you have lots of spare time, exploration of the juggle mechanics from fuhajin store and HK fuhajin would be lovely.

I probably won’t be getting my hands on the game until console release, I doubt there’ll be a cabinet anywhere near me. So I’ll just have to live on any info you guys are kind enough to post.

no problem, i’ll try to figure out as much as i can. but man, it’s gonna be hella crowded in CTF.

I think the biggest and first thing that should be checked is if the final hit of LK pinwheel hits all crouchers. That should go without saying.

I’m kind of curious what they changed about EX Focus (mentioned in the dev blog). Does she dash faster now, or did something else change?

i’m surprised people didn’t say " is her EX pinwheel fixed!!!? " lol.

is it? IS IT???

we’ll find soon enough

Doesnt it miss on some characters? I think it misses on Rose but its been a while since I tested it. They probably just tweaked it so it wont miss.

-Can she still go under some fireballs? (Like Rose’s)
-Is U2 active through the entire animation?
-Is her FA increased
-Does HK senpusha have the same FADC timing as her lk one?

  • Is it possible for her to do her HK Fuhajin charge into U2 now?

The EX saving bit they mentioned in the dev blog was pretty clearly either about frame advantage, or the cancel timing from moves. I couldn’t quite understand it with my random japanese knowledge, but it wasn’t the hitbox problem they were talking about as far as I could tell.

And it wouldn’t make sense anyway, why would they say EX FA specifically, when its usually dash canceled, and her normal FA suffers from the same hitbox problems. But I’m hoping they fixed the hitbox problems with FA too, ate a Ryu super today because his cr.MK made my FA whiff.

I guess we’ll find out soon :slight_smile:

Well, I think everything has been covered, but here’s my question:

Does EX High Fuhajin release juggles like the non-EX version? As in, EX High Release > Combos

On hitboxes, check to see how many hitboxes they increased downward. FA, crouching Fierce, and roundhouse all come to mind as attacks that wiff against low pokes or hurtboxes.

Ensure that she still has fuzzy wuzzy guard.

It would make sense if they mention EX F.A. because Juri can land a level 2 from a fireball. I think that she is not able to land it on a crouching Rose but like I said its been a while since I tested it.
If they meant about frame advantage maybe they made it harder or maybe they took it away.

What I want to know is if the fireball kick will juggle on an airborne opponent or only when grounded like it is now.

Planet Zero in H-Town is supposed to get A.E on the 18th according to some posts on SRK. If they do, I’ll check it out but I will probably wait till Monday, Im not very fond of big crowds.

Edit: Uhh For some reason I thought this was the other Arcade Edition thread lol. I didnt know Dr. Grammar was asking for her ex FA to be tested, just ignore my speculative post lol.

Questions I wanna know.

1)Focus attacks. Do I still whiff vs really low hit boxes? Blanka/Rose slide or Juri
2)Sc mk. Does 2nd hit whiff on crouchers. Far hk…still whiff on crouchers? Sc. HP still whiff on crouchers? Sempusha…still whiff on crouchers? Mid Fuhajin still whiff on crouchers?
3)Any buffs to her overhead?
4)Any changes in throw range?