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Hey guys,
I am new to the fighting game community but I have been playing many fighting games in the past starting with dead or alive, to tekken tag, to soul caliber 2. It is something I enjoyed for quite some time but I digress. I want to get into the marvel scene. And I have been reading a lot of “tier” and “character loyalty”. I feel that I play better when I pick characters that I actually want to play. Therefore the team I am interested in making is spiderman, vergil, and ghost rider. I was thinking of spiderman on point, vergil as user, and ghost rider as anchor to counter phoenix players with his ridiculous long range and the fact that he can just random super his whip that covers half the map. The only problem I see with this team (other than the fact that my characters have no health, which I like cause it forces me to learn to block and find openings rather than spamming) is no stable otg. Yes I am aware that spiderman and vergil have an otg but they are not very good, in my opinion that is. I also don’t see very much DHC potential. If there is something I noticed from a majority of teams and good players is their main mission is to get you with 1 hit and then kill that character. I can’t see doing that with this team. Tell me if you guys do, please I want all sugguestions: Is this team viable? do you feel that there would be enough synergy with each other? Remember guys don’t just throw “no cause its not top tier or no in general.” I need logic to understand, reasoning. Thank you guys and I can’t wait to get my feet wet in a month or two competitively. =p


Ok after trying out many teams I’ve finally made up my mind on my main team. I’m running Rocket (Log)/Thor (Smash)/Ammy (Cold Star) what do you guys think? Should I change the order or assists?


MysticRay’s Mahvelbytes

Hmm lets take a gander at your set-up

2 mobile/ agile characters, 1 pesudo-zoner
High mix-up potential with Parker and Virgil
High damage through extended Virgil Combos, Ghost Rider bnbs
Solid anchor of Virgil.
Spiderman is a very tricky fighter to deal with and not many people know his match-up.

Team lacks a good projectile assist, Virgil and Spidey may have trouble getting safely in on the opponent.
Spidey is an execution based character who will need alot of lab time to become effective. It takes work to learn his meterless 400k combos
Lacks a pure zoner, Ghost Rider will be beaten out by strong zoners in your opponent’s line-up.
Team has little room for error, Spidey and Virgil will be destroyed on a couple of slip-ups.

The team has good potential to be solid, but you lack a solid projectile assist that can cover your “rushdown” characters.
DHC Synergy is possible but you’ll have to time your inputs correctly.

Suggested Strategy.

Your lineup should be Ghost Rider/Spidey/Virgil

Your first goal is to overwhelm the opponent with Ghost Rider’s “zoning” (in addition to taking out characters as necessary).
The second goal is to snap in our opponent’s anchor with Spidey and finish them off. Also spidey must evade the x-factor duration of the opponent.
Your final goal is to save meter and x-factor for virgil for the end

Why are we snapping in with Spidey?
Spidey is a great character to do snap-backs with because of his very fast attacks. If spidey can eliminiate our opponent’s anchor then we basically guarantee that Virgil will be able to powerfully decimate when the timer gets low. also a nifty little trick is ultimate web throw on recently snapped in opponent.

Why are we evading our opponent’s x-factor with Spidey?
He’s extremely mobile and can dodge nearly anything if played right.

So heres the plan, at the start of the match we’ll pester the opponent with ghost rider and make the opponent think that “this” is the backbone of the team. Keep ghost rider out and cause as much damage as possible until he gets to low health, then switch to the spider. Spidey has the job of not causing huge damage but snapping in and at least “roughing up” our opponent’s anchor. When this task is complete, bring back in ghost rider if necessary or continue butt-whopping with Spiderman. But be warned, our opponent will probably be using X-factor soon so we must keep spidey alive. When X-factor is activated we simply runaway with spiderman until it’s finished.

Now comes our fatal blow, Virgil.

Equip X-factor, Devil Trigger, and go to town. Use teleports, simply get in and end the fight. You can’t run from an X-factor Virgil.

Good luck! Have fun!


I love you =p


Good idea.


I know someones going to get on my ass just for using this team , (Vergil,Hulk,Wesker)
I know the c.LMH j.MHS (Samurai shot) (Vergils special).
Just looking for more setups or critique on my team because thats the only real combo i know. lmao


I am trying to decide on an anchor for my team. of Cap/Frank.

Trying to decide between Sentinel and Hawkeye. They both have assists that benefit Frank and Cap. Sentinel is obviously easier to use and does more damage, but I feel like I get blown up more when I use him. Any thoughts?


I would say it comes down to Sentinel Drones being a better assist vs Hawkeye being a better point character. However, since its in your 3rd slot anchor Sentinel is pretty good with X factor. Hawkeye is an alright anchor if you have meter to chuck gimlets (QCF hyper) for chip (but then if they have XFC to negate the chip then you are out of luck). Pretty much if Sentinel touches you in level 3 you are dead… whether it be an low, high, aerial hit, throw, air throw, or command grab.

I would actually argue Hawkeye is the easier character to learn in the 3rd slot because although Sentinels combos are easy opening people up with him isn’t the easiest.

I would say go with Sentinel ATM but you should mess around with both to see what you personally like better. Characters in MvC3 are pretty basic so its pretty easy to learn a handful of them. You get ambigous left/rights with Cap and Frank (level 2 or above for his roll) with either drones or arrows assists so both will work well… drones give you a little bigger window to set them up though and are much better for locking people down.


With the amount of team-building advice I’ve given out in the past I find myself surprised to be posting this, but I’m having a hell of a time finding an anchor that suits my style.

I’m set on Zero-a/Doom-b for sure now. I’ve been running Strange but he’s very limited against anyone who knows how to fight him (but blows up people who don’t for free).

-Sentinel is really good for this duo because drones are just that good, but Sentinel left on his own has problems (then again he only ever needs to touch you once).

-Vergil is an option but it would make more sense to run him second for the Zero/Vergil DHC brokenness, and I don’t really like Doom as an anchor.

-I’ve started playing around with Phoenix because I can build ludicrous amounts of meter with Zero/Doom, and it allows me to go for the fancy assist-extended combos without worrying about dropping them before the super (I wouldn’t super anyway so I only lose a bit of damage).

-I’m considering Dormammu (as I think he is top 5 in the game now) but have almost no experience playing him and his assists are a little too centralized for my taste.

-I’ve considered Strider as an alternative to Phoenix since it’s not quite as much of a meter commitment, but the fact that his vajra assist can whiff entirely on mobile characters (and is incredibly vulnerable) really turns me off from him.

-Chrisis planted this idea in my head that Firebrand is amazing so I thought about using him (I have no qualms with tier-whoring) but I don’t know if his assists are enough to cover my approaches with Zero and Doom.

-Wesker is always a solid anchor, and opens up unblockables and easy (easier anyway) combos from air-throws for Zero. Of course his assist does nothing to get me in so I’d be relying on Doom’s missiles which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if I can’t call Doom mid-combo then I lose a lot of combo damage for Zero, and Wesker’s assist does nothing for Zero’s combos.

-Hawkeye has an amazing assist and is a really good anchor (I’ve seen it in action from a couple great players too much to let anyone convince me otherwise). He’s a bit lacking in the mobility and style department that I love though. Also there’s the issue that one of the regulars in our group of players has Hawkeye on his main team - it’s not a big issue but variety is always beneficial to the group.

-Other characters I’ve pondered briefly: Morrigan, Viper, Deadpool, Magneto, Nova, Taskmaster, Rocket Raccoon. Each of them have their own merits but also lack one thing or another in regards to team synergy or anchor potential. It’s important that the character matches my style too (needs to be mobile and have the potential to do stylish combos basically).


What do you want the most out of the last character and what areas do they need to cover? Do you want to increase your ground dominance more, have some greater air coverage or what? Your 2 starting points are really good and have a lot of variety in what they could do. I personally would opt for a character with a strong lock down assist since both of them have such scary mix up with one. Amaterasu with Cold star stands out the most to me as something that both your characters would love, paired with someone who when/if Zero dies pairs really well with Doom for DHCing back and forth.


I think ground dominance is the important part. I ran Ammy very briefly in vanilla and replaced her for the same reason I eventually replaced Akuma: If I’m stuck at full-screen then calling her doesn’t do anything to cover my command dash approach with Zero, but calling Sentinel (or Strange, or Iron Man) does. Then again with the added mobility of buster cancels maybe it’s not an issue anymore… or maybe I should just exercise more care with my approaches.


If you want something dominant at the ranged game that also leads to scary coverage of many options have you explored Storm at all? I feel that her horizontal typhoon is dramatically under rated especially paired with Zero’s command dashes and buster to clear the initial path. Though like your Vergil issue it would be tempting to pair Zero Storm since then you get the pants on head retarded hail storm Sougenmu DHC of doom.

I would say Firebrand, but I don’t feel his assists contribute to what you want it to based on what you’ve described thus far.


Don’t mean to be annoying, but can I get some help please?


I’ve been trying to build a zoning/keepaway team with Viewtiful Joe without completely ripping off Dieminion. Right now I’m flip flopping between Joe/Ghost Rider/Dorm and Deadpool/Joe/Taskmaster. Or is there a different combination? Which of those would be better? Any other characters to try out? I tested Arthur for awhile but his mobility really bothers me.


Storm was brought up in my discussion with another player yesterday (I’ve mentioned this guy a few times in the past - he’s solid, plays Mags/Wesker/Hawkeye and has placed 2nd at a couple tournaments in our area). I forgot to mention that I was also considering her. I have no experience with her though and I don’t really come from a Marvel 2 background and find Magneto difficult to control (in vanilla anyway) so I don’t know how I’ll do with Storm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her used as an anchor either but on paper I think she has all the tools for it (similar to Mags). Can’t be any easier to lame her out than Sentinel anyway XD.

I also have no idea what the Hailstorm > Sougenmu DHC entails…hadangeki/buster spam coupled with the hailstorm hits, or is it possible to command-dash up and get a combo from it?


They’re both good choices. They both can dominate with xf3, but hawkeye is probably better at making comebacks. Sentinel requires more patience than hawkeye, in my opinion. A lot of time I see sentinels pop xf3 and try to rush me down improperly and I can punish them very easily with proper blocking. Sentinel obviously have the better assist, though. However, frank already has a shopping cart assist to pressure people (assuming you’re using shopping kart anyway), so drones probably aren’t that necessary, especially considering you could have a better anchor character if you decide to not use drones. Hawkeye can easily chip to victory in xf3 and if he gets a combo it’s guaranteed death (just like sentinel).

TL;DR: Hawkeye, imo.

My team:
Ammy/Phoenix Wright/Not decided

I’m trying to build a team around phoenix wright and I’ve wanted to start using ammy as well. I haven’t tested it yet but I think okami shuffle stays on screen even if you dhc? Not sure, but it’d be great for PW if it did. I was thinking of running it as Ammy/PW/???

I was thinking of using hawkeye as anchor because I’ve been interested in playing him for a while and his anchor is just amazing. He’s also easy to dhc into with any team.

The synergy:
-Ammy combos ending with okami shuffle can dhc into maya for free evidence
-Cold star is broken
-Meter assist could be good as well for PW mainly
-PW can dhc back into Ammy for free mist setups/ combos
-Press the witness is always good

Suggestions for anchor and thoughts on the team in general would be great! Thanks in

EDIT: Could iron man work as anchor? He seems usable now. Combos are really weird.


I’m having trouble finding a good/viable team for my MODOK. I played Deadpool/MODOK/Sentinel in Vanilla, but a lot of my team strategy has kinda fallen apart. I’m not enjoying Deadpool anymore, and Sentinel is not a good anchor.

So here is my ideas thus far.
On point, I enjoy:
Viewtiful Joe
Akuma (Yes, on POINT)

As Anchor, I generally have:
Doctor Doom
Super Skrull

Second character is MODOK.
Any thoughts on a viable team composition?


Been trying to use Wesker (b)/Ghost Rider(a)/Dorm(a), but the synergy just doesn’t seem to be there. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried flipping Wesker and Ghost Rider but the Wesker assists don’t seem to be great for Rider (low shot is awesome in theory but I find it hard to actually set up the unblockable) As an alternate I’ve been using Ghost Rider (a)/Sent(a)/Dorm(a), which works very well but I’d really like to get Wesker in there since he was my main in vanilla. Any advice for me?


She’s much easier in ultimate than she was in vanilla. I definitely think she can be a threat.

The Hailstorm Sougenmu DHC is silly because hail stays out regardless if storm is there and depending on where you activated you if your enemy was on the ground you can often solo unblockable by air command dash B into air C, 2B since the C is timed at the same time as a hit of hail and the 2B hits at the same time as shadowed air C.