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Don’t mean to be annoying, but can I get some help please?


I’ve been trying to build a zoning/keepaway team with Viewtiful Joe without completely ripping off Dieminion. Right now I’m flip flopping between Joe/Ghost Rider/Dorm and Deadpool/Joe/Taskmaster. Or is there a different combination? Which of those would be better? Any other characters to try out? I tested Arthur for awhile but his mobility really bothers me.


Storm was brought up in my discussion with another player yesterday (I’ve mentioned this guy a few times in the past - he’s solid, plays Mags/Wesker/Hawkeye and has placed 2nd at a couple tournaments in our area). I forgot to mention that I was also considering her. I have no experience with her though and I don’t really come from a Marvel 2 background and find Magneto difficult to control (in vanilla anyway) so I don’t know how I’ll do with Storm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her used as an anchor either but on paper I think she has all the tools for it (similar to Mags). Can’t be any easier to lame her out than Sentinel anyway XD.

I also have no idea what the Hailstorm > Sougenmu DHC entails…hadangeki/buster spam coupled with the hailstorm hits, or is it possible to command-dash up and get a combo from it?


They’re both good choices. They both can dominate with xf3, but hawkeye is probably better at making comebacks. Sentinel requires more patience than hawkeye, in my opinion. A lot of time I see sentinels pop xf3 and try to rush me down improperly and I can punish them very easily with proper blocking. Sentinel obviously have the better assist, though. However, frank already has a shopping cart assist to pressure people (assuming you’re using shopping kart anyway), so drones probably aren’t that necessary, especially considering you could have a better anchor character if you decide to not use drones. Hawkeye can easily chip to victory in xf3 and if he gets a combo it’s guaranteed death (just like sentinel).

TL;DR: Hawkeye, imo.

My team:
Ammy/Phoenix Wright/Not decided

I’m trying to build a team around phoenix wright and I’ve wanted to start using ammy as well. I haven’t tested it yet but I think okami shuffle stays on screen even if you dhc? Not sure, but it’d be great for PW if it did. I was thinking of running it as Ammy/PW/???

I was thinking of using hawkeye as anchor because I’ve been interested in playing him for a while and his anchor is just amazing. He’s also easy to dhc into with any team.

The synergy:
-Ammy combos ending with okami shuffle can dhc into maya for free evidence
-Cold star is broken
-Meter assist could be good as well for PW mainly
-PW can dhc back into Ammy for free mist setups/ combos
-Press the witness is always good

Suggestions for anchor and thoughts on the team in general would be great! Thanks in

EDIT: Could iron man work as anchor? He seems usable now. Combos are really weird.


I’m having trouble finding a good/viable team for my MODOK. I played Deadpool/MODOK/Sentinel in Vanilla, but a lot of my team strategy has kinda fallen apart. I’m not enjoying Deadpool anymore, and Sentinel is not a good anchor.

So here is my ideas thus far.
On point, I enjoy:
Viewtiful Joe
Akuma (Yes, on POINT)

As Anchor, I generally have:
Doctor Doom
Super Skrull

Second character is MODOK.
Any thoughts on a viable team composition?


Been trying to use Wesker (b)/Ghost Rider(a)/Dorm(a), but the synergy just doesn’t seem to be there. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried flipping Wesker and Ghost Rider but the Wesker assists don’t seem to be great for Rider (low shot is awesome in theory but I find it hard to actually set up the unblockable) As an alternate I’ve been using Ghost Rider (a)/Sent(a)/Dorm(a), which works very well but I’d really like to get Wesker in there since he was my main in vanilla. Any advice for me?


She’s much easier in ultimate than she was in vanilla. I definitely think she can be a threat.

The Hailstorm Sougenmu DHC is silly because hail stays out regardless if storm is there and depending on where you activated you if your enemy was on the ground you can often solo unblockable by air command dash B into air C, 2B since the C is timed at the same time as a hit of hail and the 2B hits at the same time as shadowed air C.


Been trying to build around Jill and Strange (Probably Bolts though I also like Eye) and I’m looking for a 3rd. I like Thor but I can’t find a fit. Leaning towards Akuma (Tatsu) as an anchor but I might run into a limbs problem. Thoughts?


I have been running Firebrand (?), Hawkeye (a), Dorm (a). Firebrand does low damage, but his potential for mix ups and resets is great. I will probably just end up using his OTG assist because his other two are pretty lack luster. One big question I do have is about Dorm’s anchor potential. I really like using him because Darkhole is great for holding opponents in block stun for Firebrand to get in and either mix/cross up or help him to use his Demon Missile H unblockable charge, but I seem to remember not a lot of people running him as anchor in Vanilla. I know this is a different game, but I was wondering if someone with much more Dorm anchor experience could give some insight to his ability to do this. I was thinking of switching to Doom (missiles), but I would like to keep Dorm.


My main team is Magnus (disruptor) Dr Strange (The Eye) Dormammu (Dark Hole)

Magnus attraction/repulsion etc + Eye along with Dark Hole cut off on my opponents movement, I also start him 1st because he still builds great meter.

Ds place on the team is 2nd to make use of the meter Magnus builds, by using SOV/ 7 Rings to punish and pop assist and just get going, not to mention he is extremely deadly with XF2 Makes use of Magnus disruptor for left or right mix ups and use of dark hole to extend combos and lock down.

Dormammu is to clean up any mess the Magus + Ds combo leave behind, with the use of dark spell TOD combos, chip kills, self unblockables XF3 etc etc.


Dorm is literally one of the best anchors in the game. Great X-factor, great ability ot hit two characters, amazing supers, great chip, great mixups, good mobility.

He’s the complete package. He even has good health.


My 2 main teams right now are zero(srk)/vergil(rapid slash)/doom(beam) my main issue with this team is that my zero isnt that good yet and im mainly eating up time which isnt good with doom as my anchor since hes free to keepaway. I do think that if i give zero another month thisll be my best team.
My other team is doom(missiles)/Vergil(srk)/sent(drones) this is my strongest team. mainly due to the fact that dooms my best character however he is also the downfall of the team. aaing and neutral contol is the issue


Most of all Dormammu has Tod dark spell combos which builds a bar, and saves your meter for chip kill usage etc in XF.


What do you guys think about Wesker/Ryu/???, who should I have as an anchor? Keep in mind I’m a beginner looking for an easier character.


Awesome. I will stick with him then. Thanks for the info. I am pretty new to these things so I appreciate any advice and opinions of veteran players.


Looking to get as much feedback as possible on the current team I have going on.

Ghost Rider (Chain of Rebutal)/Nova (Centurion Rush)/Doctor Doom (Hidden Missiles)

Any and all feedback is needed and greatly appreciated.


So I’ve been looking to make a team completely focused on Strider on point but the problem is I only like a set amount of characters in this game and I just can’t seem to find a team that would be decent
Characters I like : Wolverine, Arthur, Rocket Raccoon, Captain America, Spidey, and Shuma Gorath, and possibly ammy.

any suggestions for teams and assists would be greatly appreciated since Im VERY new to the MvC competitive scene.


Just wanted to drop in and say that you guys are doing an excellent job in here. Keep up with the positive discussion and knowledgeable advice!!


hmmm… you seem to be the go to guy for this. i’m having trouble finding a third for my team.

chun (legs) sent (drones) (?)

finding an anchor is harder for me than i thought. my current picks for anchor are: felicia,arthur,hawkeye,ironman, maaaaybe task or chris. basically i want a beam assist in the 3rd slot… hawkeye would be perfect but his assist is duckable on some of the cast which really kills some of my game with how i want to use him (watch flashmetroid versus ryan hunter and see how storm ducking under hawkeyes assist when strange crossup teleported gave ryan some frustrations)

any thoughts from you or anybody else would be appreciated.





I would pick Akuma over Ryu for assist spot. Akuma’s tatsu goes through projectiles (and damn near everything else lol), and he’s a much better anchor than Ryu is. I’m not too sure about the synergy between Spidey and Dorm. You can do cool stuff like Maximum Spider, DHC to Stalking Flare, tag Spiderman back in, do another Maximum Spider if you want to burn all your meter, but I don’t think their assists really help each other out. For Spiderman I’d rather have a more traditional projectile assist (I assume you’re using Dark Hole) like Doom’s beam, but then obviously you don’t have Dorm. If you’re looking for a good battery to build meter for him, you can’t go wrong with Wesker. Dark Hole can be used for Wesker relaunches, or hold a character in place for a mixup. You could also kind of use Tatsu for the same purpose (especially in the corner). And if you’ve got Dorm on point, Wesker’s gunshot assist can be used for easymode relaunches, or easy unblockables especially in conjunction with teleport.



I don’t know much about Strange, but I can help a little with Jill. Examples of assists that help Jill out would be (in no particular order):
-Something to help get in (A projectile like beams or drones or something like Tatsu)
-Lockdown for mixups and such (Cold Star, Jam Session, to a lesser extent Shopping Cart and
Akuma Tatsu, drones once again)
-Something to cover the skies (Vajra, Hidden Missiles, Jam Session)
-OTG (not really as important as the other ones, but can give Jill a lot more options)
-There are several assists that can fill more than one role

Easiest ways of getting in with Jill would be call assist, feral dash or arrow kick>feral cancel. I used Plasma Beam but I’ve switched to Taskmaster arrows (duh that’s his only assist) as I’ve recently picked up the character, and his new colors are pretty sick lol. There really isn’t much Jill can do about characters who like to stay up high other than random machineguns, so in some matchups an assist to deal with this stuff will be crucial. Hidden Missiles is pretty good, but then you’d be missing out on Plasma Beam, which is Doom’s best assist for her IMO. Vajra is good, but I have no idea how to use Strider effectively, and all you can get off of it is 263A anyway, so I prefer Jam Session. Jam Session also lets you set up mixups, and Jill has some retarded-ass mixups. As for OTG, like I said before it isn’t really necesarry, because you can do MGS>DHC or a THC, whichever is better for your team setup. A little meter expensive but it works. With an OTG assist you can get much better damage at the end of combos, and combo off of Jill’s airthrows. Wesker’s gunshot is the best OTG assist for Jill; it comes out quickly, hits low for unblockables, doesn’t use your ground bounce or anything, and you get to use dumbfuck Albert himself as anchor.
My Jill team in Vanilla was Jill(Arrow Kick)/Ammy(Cold Star)/Doom(Plasma Beam), and right now it’s Jill(Flip Kick or Cartwheel Kick or whatever it’s called now), Taskmaster(Horizontal Arrows) and Wesker (gunshot). Jill’s best assist by far is the flash kick, fully invincible as a crossover counter, but using the ground bounce flip lets me get better combos with Tasky and Alby.

Wrote a lot more than I intended lol, hope some of it helps.