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Just remember that I suck.

Trish (Peekaboo assist): Excellent point character. traps are annoying. Round Harvest hyper allows free raw tag. Divekick.
Strange: (Eye of Agamato): Trish’s Peekaboo assist may just provide sufficient time to set up some Grace of Hoggoth. Spell of Vishanti will combo after anything Trish combos.
Hawkeye: Fits on any team. Anywhere. Gimlet combos with everything.

What are your assists? I can see bolts of ballsack helping Wolverine with berderper slash. I’d put wolvie on point and have zero anchor. Especially if you get a kill and engage sougenmou and hard tag him.

I think meter management might be an issue here.

If you insist on a character you’re comfy with probably Nova. Eye of agamoto helping dorm play keepaway means you may want to consider another keep away character to also benefit from Eye.

Either way. You need a battery. And since you like strange / dorm and like Eye, I’d say Chris Redfield is your man.

He really doesn’t need meter, deals very good chip, good airthrow, excellent damage off throws And he can OBLITERATE assists with dat magnum. Above average health also.

Trish might fit the bill here too.

This works. Chris n Task can work well.

Consider Tasky’s vertical arrows and Hawkeye’s triple arrow assists;

Chris’ weakness is in the air. Tasky can force them down with vertical . Hawkeye’s triple arrow is fast and can help Tasky get in or allow Chris to chip / extend combos easier.

Chris’ gunfire assist will help Either deal plenty of chip. It’ll be better for Hawkeye though since he has various shots and Chris being a bit off speed with gunfire might help hawkeye get that much more chip damage going.

Vergil and Strider are meter whores. Storm can put meter to use as well. You might have problems with Meter.

Assist: assuming Whirlwind,Rapid Slashes, Vajra.

Assuming Vergil’s 2nd for Devil Trigger DHC.

Whirlwind backing Vergil might be a real good idea. Vajra backing Vergil is outstanding.

This team could work with Vergil on point too.

Chris, eh? I’ll give him a shot. I’ve been fooling around with an anchor Doom for this team as well. Plasma Beam works well with both Strange and Dorm, and I already have some grasp of Doom since I played him in vanilla (though he is very different in this version). I’ll see if I can break Chris open, since I’ve never played him before, and hope it works out. I suppose you’d suggest using him on point since he’s a battery? Which assist from Dorm would be best, and how would Eye of Agamotto work with Chris?

Hi! I’m a total beginner to everything, so I’d be open to any and all suggestions and I would greatly appreciate all of the criticism that anyone has to offer.

My current team is Morrigan [Dark Harmonizer], C. Viper [Seismic Gunner], Felicia [Rolling Buckler].

My secondary team is Jill [Somersault Kick], Dante [Jam Session], Amaterasu [Cold Star].

What changes could I make to these teams to make them better? Changing characters, swapping positions… thinking about changing Viper’s assist to Burning Kick… would it help? Thinking about dropping Amaterasu for Magneto [EM Disruptor]… is that a good idea?

Are there any amazing DHC/TAC/THC things that I should be aware of? (Right now, all I really do is use Viper’s assist to OTG and Felicia’s to set up unblockables, which don’t work that well… .)

With the other team, I just use Dante’s assist to keep people out of the air while using Amaterasu to help lock down the opponent, and if I ever switch out Jill, use her invincible CC. Also a THC allows me to take advantage of Million Dollar’s length… is there anything else amazing that I could take advantage of?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Eye of Agamotto right in front of him. same way it’d help Dorm. Though bolts of ballsack might help him chip harder.

Definitely have Chris on Point. Dorm is the clear Anchor here.

Morrigan is better off as your Anchor this way she can have as many opportunities as possible to feed Viper meter. Felicia has a fantastic air throw and some nasty reset setups. And if all falls apart Morrigan will still have plenty of meter for herself so she can clone -> fireball sillyness

Felicia or Viper should be point. Not sure on their assists though.

your other team sounds fine.

Hm… With Dorm as anchor, there’s no need to stick with Eye of Agamotto. I’ll try out Bolts of Ballsack to help Chris’s zoning. I’m going to make a wild guess here and say Purification for Dorm’s assist, but I’ll test out Dark Hole too, especially now that I’m using him to back up both Chris and Strange.


Unfortunately, that only deals with Chris’s assists to help Dorm. Fortunately, the Chris thread mentions that Purification is indeed the best assist to use for him. It also says that the Eye and Bolts are both excellent choices.

What about Dorm( Dark Hole), Strider( Vajra), and Doctor Strange ( Eye of Agamotto)?

I’ve tried Strider, and he’s way too technical for me. It would take too much practice to even wrap my head around him. Plus Strange is pretty bad as an anchor.

So where can i put Strange at? do you have any ideas for a good anchor for them?

Dorm is decent as an anchor, and Strider is great there. You could try Strange/Strider/Dorm, or Strange/Dorm/Strider, or even Dorm/Strange/Strider.

Which characters work well with wolverine? Played a little vanilla mvc3 (ran wolvie/akuma from day 1, love both the characters, especially wolverine), not sure about whats different in ultimate. Is akuma still his best assist? Basically I want a rushdown team with wolvie and another point and then assist/anchor (akuma for now, although I’m ok with changing him as I’m trying to learn new characters)

I just want to keep wolverine on the team as he’s my favorite character, he doesn’t have to be point if another order works better. I also don’t want some crazy execution requirement character haha, I’m willing to spend time learning combos but nothing like some of those crazy long dante combos from vanilla.

Any suggestions or videos for team ideas? I watched a few matches from streams and I saw Noel Brown using Frank West as anchor, which seems to work similar to akuma assist. I also saw Justin using iron fist with wolvie/akuma behind him. But honestly I’m open to anything, I just want to try out some cool characters and construct a team.

I don’t really play Chris so I don’t have much input there, but I think you’re much better off going Hawkeye to Taskmaster than the other way around. At some point, you’ll probably do RANDOM GIMLET and if it hits or is blocked too close, you can DHC to Tasky’s arrows to save yourself and do more damage, whereas the other way around it doesn’t work. Then it’ll be Tasky supported by Hawkeye anchor, who should be much stronger in that spot anyway.

Some would recommend Hawkeye getting the triple arrows assist and giving Tasky one of the upwards assists, but I personally would recommend giving both the triple arrows. That way, Hawkeye can jump back H, triple arrows in air while calling Tasky. This controls most of the ground level horizontal space, and jump H will catch teleporters and sometimes throw them too. The other way around, Tasky can control space manually (up arrows from ground, diagonal from air, etc) while Hawkeye pelts them with arrows too.

Just my two cents on using those two.

Be warned against characters like Chris though. If Task or Hawk trade with the ground level Magnum, Chris gets a FREE combo, whereas the best you can hope for is that the Chris messes up the combo while you did a little damage. Characters with beam supers are another (Dorm, Ryu, Akuma, etc) as if you play too much keepaway with assist they’ll aim for a happy birthday.

The only MAJOR difference to wolvie is the invinciblity on Berserker slash and the Swiss cheese move. What this means is u cant braindead rush in anymore and you cant mash otherwise you risk losing your charecter. Outside of that assist still work the same for him…akuma’s tatsu now causes them to flip out of it so if you wanna combo off of it you need to be faster in your reactions to hit them before they flip out. Outside of these changes he plays the same and in all honesty is still top tier

Thanks for the feedback, I put task second because with hawkeyes poison arrow he can cover all angles with his arrows. Also how would h. Arrows for both assists help? Chris is bad in the air, so wouldn’t I need v. Arrows for taskmaster?

Right now, I’ve been doing a lot of team-testing. In Vanilla, I originally used Wesker (Samurai Edge)/Dormammu (Dark Hole)/Doom(Plasma Beam) since I love villains.

With UMvC3 out, I realized that Dormammu was my best character (he was my first choice character to use in the game). After getting owned quite a bit and with some help from SRK forum members, I decided to rearrange the order of my Vanilla team to Dormammu/Wesker/Doom to give Dormammu more options in the long run.

I also realize that Doom as an anchor may not be the best idea (though I am decent with him) against certain characters and Beam assist scales damage heavily for teleport crossup combos. I got into Hawkeye and I fell in love with his keepaway/zoning style (IMO he’s what Arthur should have been). So, I began using Dormammu/Wesker/Hawkeye. Hawkeye has the Triple Arrow assist. Is his Greyhound assist better than Taskmaster’s Aim Master L despite the fact that it can be crouched under by certain characters? I do notice it has faster startup than Taskmaster’s arrows.

I created a 2nd team of Trish(Peekaboo)/Doom(Missiles)/Akuma(Tatsu). I wanted to use all four heralds of Galactus as my mains. That’s why I have this team and I love Trish’s personality. Who would be a better anchor for this team though? Doom or Akuma?

I still have Dorm/Wesker/Doom as a third reserve team. Feel free to share your thoughts on all three teams I have.

Yeah I played a lot today and yesterday and that seems to be what I noticed. I’m fine with having to play smarter and not just herp derping with berserker slash, but it was extremely difficult for me to hit my OTG with akuma, his assist is still good for getting in but it doesn’t work as well mid-combo it seems. I might search for another assist. There’s a lot of characters I’m eager to try but I don’t know who works well in this game. So hopefully you guys can help me out.

Any projectile works also ryu is a good sub for akuma (just cant call if to beat projectiles) frank west works as well…pretty much anything with forward momentum that he can crossup B slash with is gonna be effective…if you want more information try the Wolvie team threads they will likely have a lot of useful information

okay i think i’m going to go with a team of Iron Fist (rising fang) Frank west (shopping cart) and Ammy (cold star)
I believe the synergy is really there. i’m just wondering if there is any weakness i’ll have to worry about for this team.

what do you guys think? the team sound good?

Like I said, I’m not sure how Chris works, I’m more familiar fighting him than using him. I play Hawkeye, Spencer, Taskmaster, so my input to you is based on my experience with that team. I’m not sure how effective Chris would be with vertical arrows, though my head tells me that vertical arrows wouldn’t help that much; if the opponent stays in the opposite upper corner of the screen, Chris would still have problems tackling them, as vertical arrows doesn’t go that far, with the farthest arrow going in an arc that covers half to 3/4ths of the screen.

I’ve tried Taskmaster with Poison Arrow assist, and in the end for me, Poison Arrow became an assist for combos, and I gained more by having an assist that allowed me to get in and control space better with Taskmaster, with Greyhound. Greyhound allows me to:

  • Wavedash in
  • Jump arrows
  • Jump swing->arrow cancel
  • Bait opponent to teleport behind me (to throw)
  • Do arrows to arrow super to control space and chip. For instance, call Hawkeye, do charged vertical arrows, cancel to diagonal arrows super
  • Assault shields -> Gravimetic Pulse H, Maya assist, MODOK barrier are destroyed much more easily

Poison arrow was personally too slow for me for those, and didn’t cover enough space. That said, if you benefit more from damage, or if you want an angled assist, Poison Arrow’s for you, especially that 90k unscaled damage. Most of these benefits work the other way around. With Tasky’s Horizontal Arrows, Hawkeye can:

  • Wavedash in
  • Slide in
  • Jump arrows (normally triple or net)
  • Jump H -> arrow cancel
  • Lockdown and chip with call Tasky + stand H -> cancel to arrows of choice -> stand H -> cancel to arrows of choice
  • Space control with call Tasky + stand H -> up arrows of choice
  • Bait opponent to teleport behind me (to throw)
  • Bait opponent to escape high into the air (GIMLET)
  • Assault shields -> Gravimetic Pulse H, Maya assist, MODOK barrier are destroyed much more easily

I normally call Taskmaster, jump back H, cancelled to Triple Arrows to control the ground area almost completely and the jump H will catch teleports. I personally found I gained more with Hawkeye doing the manual vertical arrows vs relying on the assist.