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@emc always said that one of the best, if not the best, She-Hulk teams is Shulk/Doom/Strider. So, I guess Strider helps her a lot. Can’t say much because I don’t play She-Hulk.
Check out his stuff on Youtube, that might enlight you a bit:

I think it’s an alright team. Drones help her a lot for getting in, and Dark Hole is a decent combo extension and underrated neutral assist (the durability on it is really good, it nullifies Plasma Beam assist IIRC).
If She-Hulk dies, DHC from Sentinel to Dorm and begin spells and Purifications on the screen.

I think Felicia might work well with Sent/Dorm too, but she lacks the damage She-Hulk has, so you would probably go for a reset heavy game with Felicia or risking Sentinel TACs.


The team won’t work. Dormammu on a team means you need a meter-builder on point and Missiles/Jam assist. Swapping Felicia won’t help; you’ll need to take Dorm out because he won’t get you much on that team.


Whats a good beginner team just to learn the ins and outs of the game?


Crap, forgot about that when I said stuff about the team. Listen to this man.

I would say Wesker/Doom/Vergil or Wolverine/Doom/Vergil.


Thanks man.

I just saw an old tutorial from Viscant where he uses Wesker so I’ll start there.


I’m probably picking up the game when it drops on Steam now, just to fuck around with a couple of friends. I’m probably going to be lazy and play X/Doom/Vergil*, but I’m also toying with the idea of playing Deadpool. In particular the team Deadpool/Raccoon/Vergil stands out as an option; I realize Dante probably does Racoon’s job better, but I’m horribly inconsistent with Dante’s combos (leap cancels tend to end with me accidentally getting level 3 hyper instead) and Raccoon does what I mainly wanted Dante for (great DHC options for Deadpool as well as a very strong “get-off-me”-assist). Does this sound like a shell that could work? Any other thoughts on how I could get a functional team with Deadpool (but, preferably, without Dante)?

  • X probably means either Wesker, Nova or Trish


Who should I replace him with?


I don’t know much about She-Hulk, but you’ll definitely get more mileage if you had Doom beam instead of just Sent drones. If you want to play Dorm, you’ll have to drop She-Hulk and Sent for a good Dorm shell.


Nah I wanna play she hulk or felicia.

Guess I’ll replace dorm with strange. Time to learn faltine loops… sigh.


Anyone have teams they suggest playing with pad I used to run Zero/Vergil/Doom but I imagine round trip and buster charging being super awkward on pad although I’ve seen good pad Zeroes I just don’t know their button config. I also Play Spiderman/Doom/Dante and Spiderman/Doom/Strider TEam Jwong as well


I can’t really make it work. I don’t know who to replace Dorm with and I’m uncomfortable with anyone else.

Characters I absolutely do not want to play: Dante, Vergil, Doom, Wesker, Strider, Hawkeye, Spencer, Nova.

All the characters I do want to play either have poor synergy or are just terrible in general. Why did Capcom have to make Shulkie borderline useless?


That’s why Capcom is gutting the 3 character and assist system you will have players that have to make compromises to get results.

As for your answer

M.O.D.O.K. will show you the way and modok dormammu, with shulk battery is a great suicide lead comp with a solid zoning shell built in if you don’t get the first hit.


Hell yes!! MODOK and She-Hulk have synergy?!! I wanted to play the hell outta that guy!


I don’t learn Zero on pad because I’m lazy to switch the buster charge, but when I play Vergil I map one extra L on one of the R or L buttons (in my button layout I use R2/RT).


I used to map L to L2 and LMH to R2 for Zero, charging is alright.


So I said fuck it and I’m currently trying out Hulk/Nemesis/Sentinel, gettting back to my roots as a big body player.

I’m having a lot of fun with them, but I’m not entirely sure what to do without any OTG assists. The only thing I have is Sentinel’s Rocket Punch but that means I don’t get any drones to cover my approach; instead I have Nemesis’ low durability rocket which isn’t nearly as good.

Can this team work? What should I be doing with them?


The team can work, look up JDog I remember that was his team. You don’t need OTG assists.

Also if you want, the r/MvC3 subreddit is still pretty active, most people here moved there a few years back. You should check it out. I know bloodymess/sacktap still posts there, and he was pretty good with Nem.


Ahh yes. This team is WAY more my speed.

I’m not cut out for pixie rushdown characters. Big body characters are my calling.


Thoughts on the following teams?



Im not feeling any of the team. Odd choices actually.