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I’ve heard Chrisis and marvelo talk about strider akuma being a pretty good pairing. I can’t find any video of the pair being played. Is it actually good or just armchair theory fighter?


kinda cold on storm/strider, but one shell ive been messing around with recently is zero/storm and its amazing. i cant find anyone who actively plays these two on a team which really sucks bc theyre awesome together.

storm on point doesnt benefit quite as much but if she has meter to burn and is rushing down, she can effectively end a blockstring with call Zero-a xx hailstorm and get an economy version of call cyke xx hailstorm from mvc2. since people seem to love pushing buttons when theyre on D, this seems pretty effective against scrubs who mash on assist after being rushed down + hailstorm keeps zero safe. one crappy thing about storm is that none of her most efficient combos tend to end in lighting storm bc of the best LS combos requiring all air special actions to be used (meaning she fall like a duck w/ the opp after the combo is done. with zero, you can DHC into rainbow super which dishes big damage and if it doesn’t kill the opp, they still have to fall all the way back down and recover meaning zero has time to get his offense going again. also if you time her elemental super right and DHC into sougenmu, im almost certain you can get lighting loops going (or sentsuizan loops for my scrubby ass)

for zero on point, if he needs to get out he has the patented storm get out of jail free card and if you DHC out with sougenmu, his otherwise mediocre uppercut assist becomes pretty solid. on the ground, you can cut combos short and go for like two 50/50’s (as if zero needed any more) for a reset if you call storm-a doing like s.H or f.H and do his M. teleport,which creates like a vacuum where the opp is pushed towards zero and he can do…whatever crazy shenanigans zeros do from there. he also has access to a tac infinite (if the storm player can execute it) but i cant see that being so useful unless you needed to kill the clock.

and thats just after a few hours of playing with the two, im confident theres a lot more tech, specifically with throws and related setups. kinda ironic that the two seem to make a solid pair as ive heard zero called as the mvc2 storm of this game in the past (although waaaaay less cool).

as far as akuma/strider, ive played around before with akuma/sentinel/strider. its a pretty fun team once you get demon flip dive kick confirms of vajra hits and i’d be super afraid of that team once you get 2+ meters. sentinel gets a lot of help with air superiority via vajra and you also get braindead extentions w/ vajra sentinel on point…(after knockdown) call vajra xx rocket punch xx rocket punch deals absurd damage. still, everyone on the team reqs something to be effective akuma (meter) sentinel (meter) strider (x factor) so if you mess up or are forced to burn any of that, or you lose any one of the characters, which is scary easy bc two of them rep 750k, the match is over. i feel like akuma/strider can lead to a lot of one-sided victories, but also a lot of getting stomped if you make like a single mistake imo


This sounds cute and all but you’re playing Zero, resets and TAC infinites aren’t that useful for him because of Lightning Loops.


Theres a dude at the hoc who plays zero storm dante. If i wasnt playing doom i would probably play around with it


yea tac infinites aren’t necessary at all, unless zero is bleeding and needs the clock to heal. resets can and could theoretically be a big part of zeros attack plan. i think zero is easily the most flexible char in the game, so its puzzling how peoples all try to play him the exact same way. if he gets played so flowchart and LL’s are the singular endgame of his strat that players know, he becomes meter neutral as he builds about as much as he uses . in my case, storm can really abuse meter with stalling and countercalls/assist picking… so my theory is zero works as more of a battery in this case. this is more about storm team building than zero team building anyways

we all know the best zero teams! haha (also cringe)


Doing the same thing after getting a hit is not the same thing as trying to play Zero the same. It’s called optimizing. If you get a hit and you can kill while meter neutral/positive and have an incoming situation that’s vastly in your favor (a situation that happens so very often with Zero), why wouldn’t you kill? Anything else would honestly just be a dumb decision.

I don’t know if you really haven’t noticed but not everyone plays Zero’s neutral “the exact same way”.

If you want to talk about Storm team building then you might as well leave Zero out of it because then it’s going to turn the conversation into a Zero team building discussion.


I’m glad you’re interested in Zero/Storm as I think it’s a ridiculously good shell. I started playing her recently and I think most people focus on her rushdown due to a Justin Wong’s victories.

However, I think her Keep Away is way better as it is really high durability and pushes her opponents away.

Zero/Storm/Dante is a great team. So is Spencer/Storm/Doom. Other good Storm teams are Storm/MorriDoom, Storm/Vergil/Dante.

Jam Session and Hidden Missiles are really helpful for cover the air space right above her, so she can keep pushing you back with Whirlwinds. Rapid Slash and Tatsu allow you to throw Whirlwinds at normal jump height or slightly higher and habd either assist push them back as well.


Zero’s forums are dead so might as well post here. Is Zero any good with Missiles or do you really need Jam Session?


Zero is very good with missiles. You have Buckethead who runs Zero/Morri/Doom and Viscant and JDM, who both run Zero/Doom/Vergil.


@Dizzzzy‌. - Please tell me you’re gonna learn Ghost Rider/Zero/Doom.


A friend of mine plays Zero with Missiles and gives me headaches. Zero gets an even stronger zonning game and really stupid mixups and pressure. If you don’t have execution for Lightining Loops, basic Zero extensions with Doom and the DHC from Rekkoha to Sphere Flame does 1mil damage.


storm’s great for rushing down, you can throw out addf j.S in a good amount of situations and then continue applying pressure with her fc air normals and jump cancel s.M and c.H. jwong’s is especially good because he can see openings/opportunities that the rest of us cant. but shes great at keep away too. yea missiles are godlike with storm, i think any assist that occupies space that shes capable of covering on startup makes her great, just like magnus. shes just a really awkward character in new hands (that consistent up,up motion in-game is a killer) with no 700k day 1 combo, no junk you can just throw out, no silly assists…the polar opposite of what much the player bas demands in a char. yet she can do it all too and punishes sloppy play like few else can.

storm/dante is a fantastic shell. if i had any idea how to play dante id definitely give zero/storm/dante a shot. i think chris matrix plays/ed a storm/dante/akuma team which looks hella fun to play but most likely has some pretty horrible matchups.

ive heard other peoples mention morridoom storm, do you know of anyone who plays it. it seems like it would have to be storm-?/morrigan-meter/doom-missiles but if storm is on point she’s not benefiting the team as best she can. actually with astral up morrigan could cover startup on storms typhoon assist, which covers a redic amount of space… but thats super theory. so i dunno


So… A friend of mine plays Skrull/Frank/Ammy and he wants a secondary team to cover bad matchups. But, I don’t know what can be considered a bad matchup for Skrull and Ammy since I don’t have any experience with them outside the lab. He’s interested in playing Hawkeye and for some reason he doesn’t want to play Doom or Nova (I think he hates both lol) and high execution characters (he tried Viper and got bodied by seismo cancels and all that Viper stuff). He wants to keep Ammy, since it’s his best character but I tried some stuff with Hawkeye/Ammy and didn’t work pretty well. We were talking about Hawkeye/Dante but I don’t see Ammy helping them that much…

Any thoughts, people?


Skrull’s bad match ups tend to be strong zoning characters which is why he probably wants to try Hawkeye. If he keeps Ammy but wants to compete with zoners he could try Task, cold star is one of his best assists. Dante doesn’t go with Ammy too well but does help Hawkeye a lot and Task too. Task isn’t awesome by any means but he is definitely closer to low-mid execution than High.


Hmm, before moving to Skrull he used to play Taskmaster. I guess Task/Hawkeye/Ammy or Task/Dante/Hawkeye would do the work?


Yeah Task/Dante/Hawk is the better of those two assuming his Dante is serviceable, Hawk doesn’t give him much in the way of damage boost or good DHC/THC options or TAC. Grayhound allows Task to convert from air throws and drastically improves his zoning game.


Hi guys, I bought the game a week ago, been messing@ with lots of characters to find a team for myself. Day1 my team was MODOK,DRDOOM,VERGIL.(modok cause I just like his style, and drdoom/vergil cause from the streams and online content I knew the were strong).

However I find them pretty hard for a beginner to learn/master. So I decided to keep it simple and not go for super hard characters at the start.

Now I’m playing with nova/spencer/rocket raccoon. Who else goes well with nova and spencer?

Are these characters easier to learn/master compared to drdoom,vergil,magneto, modok etc?

What assists should I pick on these characters and why?

Appreciate the answers


For your day 1 team, MODOK is the hardest to learn. Dr Doom and Vergil aren’t that hard, their basic combos just need a bit of patience to get used to (like Doom midscreen combos, Vergil’s sword loops…).

Nova is an easy character, he has some stupid range with his normals and Speed Tackle super is really good. And where Nova goes, Spencer is there alongside Doom or Strange. With Doom you get Insaynne’s team, Plasma Beam helps both characters and you get a raw tag combo that does high damage. Oh, you also have TAC infinites with Doom. Recommended order would be Nova/Spencer/Doom.
With Strange, you have Nemo’s team, get flame loops to build a lot of meter and guarantee the kills on the next characters, Bolts assist helps Nova and Spencer a lot too. Recommended order would be Nova/Strange/Spencer because Spencer is a better anchor I think.
I think Raccoon would fit well on your team, Log Trap is an amazing assist but wastes Spencer wall bounce for his double super extensions or even Nova’s corner carry stuff.

As I said before, Doom and Vergil aren’t that hard, I think the hardest thing to learn about Doom would be his TAC infinites and Vergil doesn’t have heavy execution combos. Magneto is one of the hardest characters in the game, not only for his execution but his movement is crazy good when mastered (if you are interested in the character, look for hyper grav loops and tridash magnetic blast tech). MODOK is pretty hard, because he moves and attacks so differently from the rest of the cast, but his combos are deadly and his TAC’s using analyze cubes are crazy good.
Spencer has only one execution heavy combo, which is his zip line infinite that requires canceling super jump at specific heights it’s hard as shit (search for Rubeks/Scrubeks videos and you will see it), his movement is pretty unique but not that hard to master. For Raccoon, I can’t say much because I lack experience with the character.

For Nova/Spencer pick Bolts or Plasma Beam to cover their movement and Nova can setup his pulse and throw javelins easier.
For MODOK, I think Missiles (Doom), Vajra (Strider) and Cold Star (Amaterasu) or even Bolts are his best assists. Missiles help him with zonning and extensions (see El Gato playing); Vajra helps him cover more vertical space and convert from super jump heights without wasting a ground bounce; Cold Star and Bolts are crazy good lockdowns for him (for Cold Star see Moons playing, for Bolts see El Gato too).


I think for Rocket Raccoon, spitfire is the better option. More ground control.

I think you should start off with Nova/Spencer/Doom
That way, you can focus on how to play the neutral game and movement rather than pouring all your time into combos.


Oh yeah, and that too. I keep forgetting about Spitfire.