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@ this point in the game Nova/Spencer + beam assist is the easiest team in the game to succeed with. Combos are essentially a non issue and you don’t need to learn TACs. Movement with Nova isn’t difficult, Spencer’s movement options are easy, and Nova/Spencer can fight anything/anyone in the game and you can probably learn the team in a month or so. It’s just a great tournament team.

That being said with FOF loops being so hard I wouldn’t run the Strange version unless you are really into maxing out that shell. If you just want to get into the game and win at tourneys it’s not worth it.

Honestly I’d go with Nova/Spencer/Iron Man.

Those 2 with unibeam are absurd and if Nova dies Spencer with that THC can basically spam bionic arm like a moron if he has 2 bars …Not that most Spencers don’t anyway lol.


I don’t think MODOK is too difficult of a character to learn honestly. Definitely not a beginner character, though.


I recall a video of some Japanese guy using Strider/RR/Akuma; he had some good combos and balls to be using that against zmc, mags/doom, etc.
It’s a fun duo with nice combos and tricks but nothing great.


Never found Any footage of anyone using that team. Strider/ zero/Akuma is hella fun though. I usually Tac to zero if i haven’t used the assist 1for a ll kill. Where this team really shines is incoming mix ups. Birb bomb call Ryujin assist wall cling dismount has some pretty nasty stuff. You always have the option of popping xfactor level 1for the vergils of the world. Your strider has to be good to even conceive of using this team in a tournament setting. But its incredibly fun nonetheless.


I’m sorry to quote a two-month-old post, but would you kindly elaborate on this? I’m looking to get into the game specifically because She-Hulk is in it (I don’t care if she sucks) and of the teams suggested, this sounds the most appealing to me.


Starts around 1:20. They’re done with Ultimate Web Throw but you can do the same thing with Jen’s anti-air command grab super.

For what it’s worth it also shows a variation with Doom setting up the guard break. Even though it’s less consistent, Doom/Strider is a lot better than IM/Strider.


I may stick with Iron Man because I think Doom is obnoxious, but thank you for the link. I may toy around with all of the teams emc mentioned and see if I like any of them more. Shulk/Strange/Spencer sounds like a lot of fun.

Actually, on that note, could anybody with some experience whip up a list of possible thirds for She-Hulk on point and Spencer second or third? I’m very fond of him as well and would rather use him than not.


So I’ve been playing with my Vergil/Doom/Ammy team for awhile now, and I’ve come to a realization: while it’s really good, it’s not as fun as teams I’ve played in the past. As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the team I want to main. As such, I’d appreciate it if I could get you guys’ opinions on some teams I’ve thought up of, as well as some ideas for new teams I could try out.

Here’s the conditions/constraints of the team I have in mind:

  • it must have Vergil and Amaterasu on it
  • if Vergil/Ammy is used, then there must be an assist backing them up (so if Vergil/Ammy is used, it must be Vergil/Ammy/xxx)
  • if point Vergil is used, the team should have a good assist Vergil can use for left/right mixups (assist + teleport)
  • if point Vergil is used, Amaterasu must be right behind him (so if Vergil is on point, it must be Vergil/Ammy/xxx)*
  • (optional) each character on the team is a good anchor character (since Vergil & Ammy are already good anchors, that just leaves the last character to be a good anchor)
  • Doom cannot be in the middle or anchor position
  • the team does not contain Magneto, Taskmaster, Jill, Shuma, Iron Fist, Firebrand, Dante, Wesker, or Hsien Ko

So with the above in mind, I’ve come up with the following possibilities:

Doom/Ammy/Vergil: a re-ordering of my current team that really changes things up (no TAC to Doom, Vergil anchor instead of Ammy anchor, point doom). I’m intrigued by this possibility, but don’t know if it’s good enough to be worth pursuing. I’d really like some opinions/thoughts on this one. [Note that I could really care less about TAC infinites, so no TAC to Doom is not really that big of a deal for me.]

Vergil/Ammy/Sentinel: a point Vergil team with drones backing him (and Ammy) up. Seems great on paper, but drones come out much slower than I’d like…and I’m not sure if Vergil and Ammy can protect Sentinel well enough so I can reliably get drones out. On the plus side, I think Sentinel is a good anchor character, which means this team has 3 good anchor characters on it. [If I’m wrong about Sentinel being a good anchor character, please let me know.]

Vergil/Ammy/Hawkeye: across all the teams I’ve tried, I’ve found that Hawkeye’s Triple Arrow is about the perfect assist for Vergil’s left/right mixups. I know Hawkeye is deadly in XF3, too, but I don’t know if he’s all that good of an anchor without it. In addition, I’m more rush-down inclined, rather than a zoner, and I don’t know if Hawkeye would support that playstyle outside of XF.

Thor/Ammy/Vergil, Tron/Ammy/Vergil, Trish/Ammy/Vergil: I know these point characters can do some great things if I put the work in and they have some good assists backing them up. So - are Cold Star & Rapid Slash assists that can help them reach their potential? Are these good teams in general?

Vergil/Ammy/Thor, Vergil/Ammy/Tron, Vergil/Ammy/Hulk, Vergil/Ammy/Trish, Vergil/Ammy/Arthur, Vergil/Ammy/Chris: these are point Vergil teams that interest me and do some stuff right…but the choice of anchor worries me, especially since I can’t/don’t plan on my anchor always having XF to back them up. [In particular, I was looking at Vergil/Ammy/Tron and Vergil/Ammy/Hulk].

I’m very open to other ideas as well, as long as they adhere to the conditions for the team I’m looking for.

Edit: *Meant to add in this condition to the team, but forgot to do so.



Don’t do any of those Vergil/Ammy teams at the end. You probably know already but those anchor choices are awful.


I suspected the teams at the end were bad, but I wanted some confirmation before I checked them off.

As for your team recommendation…it seems I made a mistake. I forgot to include one of the conditions I meant to, which would’ve checked that team off as a possibility. I’ve already tried many teams in the order of Vergil/xxx/Ammy (including Vergil/Strange/Ammy), but they never work out (not necessarily due to a lack of synergy or effectiveness, but just because I don’t end up finding them fun). To date, I’ve probably tried over 2 dozen teams with Vergil/xxx/Ammy, and I’ve just never found them as fun as Vergil/Ammy/xxx teams.

Since my original post is somewhat lengthy, I’ll try to sum it up more succinctly - I’m looking for one of the following team compositions for my main team:

  • Vergil/Ammy/xxx (where xxx is a strong anchor character, with a good assist to use in conjunction with Vergil’s teleports)
  • Ammy/xxx/Vergil (where xxx is a character that is strong backup for Ammy and xxx/Vergil makes a good shell)
  • xxx/Ammy/Vergil (where xxx is a good point character that benefits greatly from Ammy & Vergil backing him/her up)


What exactly are you not finding fun about that order?


I’d tell you to try out Ammy/Arthur/Vergil but I think I’ll just get hushed down for it. Long story short:

• Daggers is great for both characters and despite what others might tell you Arthur is only as meter dependent as you make him. Golden daggers are largely match-up centric and in some cases you may wish to avoid putting on the gold entirely. Helpful for your other characters.

• Arguably some of the best DHC options in the game. Goddess Bracelet hits pretty damn hard and is still +16 on block. Golden Armor is one of the only installs that isn’t stuffed by a SnapBack on reaction. For the Princess destroys dreams.

• As the point, Art loves Cold Star and Rapid Slash. The first helps Art keep the other guy blocking to create space or close he distance for his high/low jS mixups, and Veil of Mist is a good for safe armor-ups into retreats. Rapid Slash is fantastic for creating distance, extending combos from virtually anywhere onscreen, and acting as a lesser Cold Star in terms of keeping the other guy blocking.

One would say the biggest issue with that team would be that you have to play Arthur. Honestly, once you get the zip lance (jS) down he becomes an effective nuisance and allows your team to carry three extremely potent anchors.


I don’t usually find Vergil/xxx/Ammy very fun because I don’t usually like Vergil/xxx back-to-back. I greatly enjoy Vergil/Ammy (at the start of the team), and replacing Ammy with anyone else always makes me feel like I’m missing out.

Admittedly, Arthur is one of those characters that I’ve tried but I never really gave him second glance. I actually tried out your suggestion of Ammy/Arthur/Vergil, and it turns out it’s pretty decent (imo). I gotta admit, though, that one of the reasons I like it so much is that, with 2 bars, I can do any of Ammy’s supers, DHC to Golden Armor, and then hard tag in Vergil…which leaves me with Vergil/Ammy/Arthur (gold armor), which is in the same likeness of the team I’m looking for.

That being said, what do you guys think of Vergil/Ammy/Arthur and Vergil/Ammy/Taskmaster? (Since my first post, I’ve gone back and have been trying numerous characters…even ones I had originally checked off. So far, only Arthur and Taskmaster have left a good impression.)


nvm misread

imo ammy should really only be second if ur playing magneto/ammy/phoenix


That’s a lot like my own team set-up of Nemesis/Arthur/Haggar- the ideal plan is to build the second meter, DHC into Gold Armor, then replace Art with Haggar ASAP. The actual team order ends up looking like Haggar/Nemesis/Gold Art, although I think Nemesis is a stronger point character than Haggar and in some cases I try to refrain from activating Golden Armor against certain characters. The big question to ask yourself if it’s ever a good idea is, “Can the other guy pick Arthur up within reason?” People like Storm, Dr. Strange, and Rocket Raccoon can pick him up from the other side of the screen using meter. Dr. Doom/Wesker/Nova don’t even need any.

Eh, Art’s always been a popular anchor choice even if I feel like you get a lot more if he’s on second. He’s still a serviceable anchor, though you lose out on Gold Daggers unless you go for something like Devil Trigger/Veil of Mist/Golden Armor, in which case you likely want to tag him back out and then your team looks like Ammy/Vergil/Golden Arthur. You’ve already got Vergil, so it’s not a guaranteed factor that Art’s gonna have all the resources to spend at his leisure assuming he’s the last man standing.

Taskmaster though, I do like a lot. He’s likely the weakest anchor on your team, though that doesn’t mean he’s a bad one. Horizontal Arrows is always good, Vertical Arrows lets you pick up after High Time a la Ryuenjin/Jam Session and gives you the better THC if that matters. Task is also going to be your source of meterless damage since Ammy/Art don’t hit very hard and Vergil’s only going to hit hard with meter.

You could probably roll with something like Taskmaster/Ammy/Vergil, as Cold Star/Rapid Slash help with setting up Task’s guaranteed unblockables, getting in, and helping out with extensions.


I’ve been trying out various teams, and the one I keep coming back to is Vergil/Ammy/Taskmaster. It’s pretty fun, does what I want, and allows me switch my characters around freely (something I really wanted on my team).

So I’m making Vergil/Ammy/Taskmaster my main team.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my posts! I really appreciated it.


@castem the only character that makes sense with vergil/ammy besides Doom, is strange. vergil/strange DHC is obnoxiously good, they have a THC, they have hard tag and ToD synergy that is meter positive or neutral depending on character health. Strange/Ammy is just as powerful of a shell with an even more OP THC. Also I’m unsure why you enjoy vergil/ammy so much? vergil is one of the few characters who never needs to DHC, if you want to tag out a character relatively safely, sword up, put them in block stun, throw out round trip then hard tag. I can only see a benefit for some slow down shenanigans but you’re setting that up from a dimension slash? not really that great. Maybe there’s some sheningans in the THC, since vergil likes to randomly cross up, the only problem is the pick up, you gotta burn XF or have a 3rd bar available and an assist so you can spiral sword pick up.

@Yuna if you’re dead set on jen/spencer, then you need a beam/projectile assist that not only helps jen get in, but also extends damage for relaunches. Jen/Spencer/Thor isn’t bad, it’s out there and I wouldn’t consider a great team, but there is a ton of damage and potential in there, you can crumple hard tag to Thor, do a short air combo, call jenny OTG, mighty spark H (or strike loop) into tornado DHC to spencer for insane damage, you’re looking at an easy 1mil with additional 80k after wall bounce pick up. Besides, if you played the team as Jen/Thor/Spencer or Thor/Jen/Spencer you get the abegen special which is always fun to have. My other choices would obviously be Strange, Doom or Iron Man as their beams are the best for her. Feel free to try others out, Arthur’s lances, Taskmaster’s Arrows (the old combofiend team), just experiment, that’s part of the fun. With Arthur you should run Jen/Arthur/Spencer so you can gold armor DHC after emerald cannon’s second hit then hard tag in spencer. Keep in mind that Hawkeye’s triple arrows don’t work that well for jen and neither does disruptor.

I would still recommend Jen/Beam Assist/Strider as the optimal team for her, putting spencer on the team actually lowers the strength of the team in the tier list.


in no particular order:
tier 1:

tier 2:
hisenko( we all know your not gonna do this, just thought id list it)

these are the characters i have seen the most success with.


jen doesn’t benefit from triple arrows, sure it’s a projectile assist that will help her get in, but it doesn’t have the added benefit to give her relaunches, and they are important for building meter (the solo relaunches aren’t as good in this regard and the combofiend relaunches aren’t viable mid screen).


Tier 1: strange and doom
Tier.2: no one
Tier 3: vergil, zero, dante, strider, ammy
Masochists tier: arthur, sentinel, raccoon, ironman

And phoenix is also a choice because playing shehulk is like assuming that your point will die painfully and slowly in exchange for some meter

The assist character goes in the middle in that team, except maybe ammy and strider. You lose the char select screen fight when you pick shehulk though.