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Jen/Tony/Hiryu it is. Thanks, friend-o.


I’m really liking Ammy/Log Trap/Bolts, but I want to try out a diffrent version of this team so I need help deciding to choose either Eye or Daggers for Ammy/Spitfire.



Pretty slick combo. Team sounds fun, but I don’t see why you’d abandon Bolts just cause you need a different version of the team. Spit/Bolts sounds like a fine combo. If you absolutely must, I guess Eye would be alright? Daggers aren’t great either way.


Thanks. I guess I go with Spit/Bolts instead

I like that Spitfire assist goes under a lot of projectiles such as Hawkeye’s Triple Arrow and doesn’t disappear if he gets hit.


@castem‌. If you want more out of Ammy just put her on point sometimes and learn Ammy/Doom/Vergil or Ammy/Strange/Vergil. That way you can hold Assist 2 pre-fight and have Vergil on point if you decide it.

@Yuna. Dude, learn She-Hulk/Doom/Strider. I’d say that it is probably one of She-Hulk’s bets team and she already struggles, so help her out as much as possible.

@2KTep‌. That team sounds brilliant. I agree with Disco, Spitfire/Bolts sounds really strong. The only thing I reckon you swap around is the order. Rocket/Strange/Ammy, maybe…


I never tried that order before because I seen people on the forum who wrote that Raccoon is not a good point. Raccon can easily dash under Hawkeye’s Triple Arrow.

I like using Ammy because she counter players who likes to play very aggressively, and can make rushdown opponent think twice about attacking, so I get to apply pressure when they hesitate to attack. They’ll only start attacking when I’m not in reflector stance. She can change stances which helps create mind games, where I can make my opponent think that I’m not in reflector stance so they can attack. She can also limit ground mobility with Power Slash. She can dodge some projectiles and normals by crouching. She fits my playstyle very well that I know exactly what to do, but I’ve never played Okami before.

But, that order sound like great idea BTW since I have Dark Ammy in the back.


What?! do yourself a favor and play okami, don’t come back until then.


Real talk: playing Okami will make you better at playing Ammy in this game.


nothing to see here


ammy/doom/dante much better than ammy/doom/vergil


On the low though the best point ammy team might actually be rusty shackleford’s. Ammy plus meter build assist plus Phoenix in the back means you gotta come get her. And an Ammy that has to approach is vastly inferior to an ammy being approached.

But Phoenix is lame and you don’t have real assists so whatever.

Also Trish/Viper (seismo)/Ammy. Its a team full of complicated characters but with a very simple gameplan and I think its an unbelievably good team.
Run away with trish until you get them to block cold star. Do some BS tridash/boxdash mixup. Knockdown into Round Harvest, Tag in Viper, call in dog and unblockable the character. Kill or snap. Viper otg assist always enables you to get extra meter off of your trish combos.
If Trish dies viper does have good options to come in and not just get bodied. Double Jump, Air Dash, Burn Kicks.


yes I have to agree that rusty’s team is surprisingly good
ammy is quite hard to approach with her good normals, counters, and stalling air actions

scooby doo ammy/brown doom/brown dante
best team


dude, I don’t know if you saw the JP player Bonchu over the weekend, but yo, Shuma/Doom/Dante is the fucking truth. He over threw Reichan for the JP throne, I think even you in your cynical ways would’ve jizzed yourself to sleep.


well cynical me has always liked point shuma so idk
I still think ammy>dante for that team because you can’t do nearly as much off a standing h, but it’s not a bad team. After playing doom/dante so much, I’m starting to like that duo as well. It’s very technical and requires you to actually have a doom which is neat.


yeah, you should’ve seen the way the guy played, he had an answer for everything and those assists just elevated his play, and he confirmed off EVERYTHING. Dude would not drop a combo.


Yeah one of Bonchu’s biggest strengths is that he turns like every random hit into a full combo. With a character who’s got almost nothing but difficult confirms. His neutral is super solid, he doesn’t super jump much at all and plays an excellent ground game.

He’s been practicing Ammy for awhile but just doesn’t seem to get the character. The difference from Cold Star in lockdown time, the angle, and Jam’s somewhat limited application on incoming is plain to see. It is nice to completely stop people from swinging on incoming though… Also I just realized that the assist actually is more conducive to keeping people out of the sky, which probably helps a lot with Shuma’s bad matchups even if the mixups aren’t as strong.

So for the meantime he’s running Doom/Dante and clearly having success with it. That he was able to claim a decisive victory over Japan’s current best Zero is rather remarkable.


I’m pretty new to the game and I do need a LOT of help. I’m pretty much not able to comprehend everything between different setups and strategies each person has. “Point”, “anchor”, etc. Everyone keeps throwing characters out there plus a few stats or so, but I’ve always been a sucker for some piece of nostalgia. Because of that, I end up picking characters like Spider-man, Trish, Ryu, Strider, Wright, Vergil, etc. Is it possible to stick with some team ideas that ring up a bit of nostalgia or do I have to sort of detach myself, attempt to understand and then pick what’s better statistically? My team consists of usually Vergil, Ryu (Assistant 1), and Deadpool or Iron Fist (Assistant 2). I’ve never been able to categorize these people so I need to learn a way to do it and figure everything out. Could someone just help me figure it out? Gracias


Well, what’s your goal for this game? Do you just want to mess around or are you more competitive-minded?


I’ve just wanted to be more of a person who plays for fun, but on occasions I may want to compete in tournaments. So I just want to build an at least decent team that’s suitable for both purposes.


Well, if there are characters you want to stick with for “nostalgia” purposes, stick with them, but don’t limit yourself to them. Play around with with all the characters and find who you like playing and search YouTube for match videos from people who play those characters at a high level. (Pay attention to general gameplay, the character’s position on a team, assist choices, etc.)

Your current team is honestly pretty awful. Vergil is one of the best characters in the game, so he’s a pretty good decision for a point character. Ryu second sucks, he doesn’t offer much in terms of support and is overall an awful character. Iron Fist anchor sucks, he has a pretty decent assist but, like Ryu, is overall an awful character. Deadpool anchor is a little better in terms of comeback ability but doesn’t really have any support value, and works best as the first character on your team.

tl;dr Play with more characters, figure out your style, watch match videos, then come back here when you have more questions to ask.