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I don’t have many experiences playing Firebrand, and MODOK so I don’t really know much but if you are okay with using Iron Man anchor and on 2nd spot, then you can try these other team option if you prefer to learn just one character =)

Firebrand/Doom/Iron Man - Repulsor Blast assist for Firebrand’s incoming unblockable

MODOK/Iron Man/Doom - Unibeam + Missile for MODOK


ammy/strange/dante it is
i wanted ammy/strange/doom because missiles give ammy easy corner to corner combo for okami to RoR FoF loops
but then you mentioned ammy/doom raw tags which give her the more meterless damage

i’ll probably try ammy/dante/doom if i want more point ammy goodness

EDIT: Rok, are there any raw tag setups from an air to air for ammy?


in the corner I think you can go directly into reflector launch j h, sword/bead, jm, js, tag since that doesn’t use a ground bounce

otherwise, I believe you need xfactor
I think this works last time I checked:
ie super jump height-
sj bead jh, glaive dive, falling bead jh, launch, sjc, bead jh, xfactor, js, tag doom

otherwise, it’s high unlikely midscreen since all the setups I know midscreen require a ground bounce
I experimented a lot with this. In particular, I tried sj bead jh, glaive dive, aduf, bead jh (to try to crossup) tag doom since tags behave better when you crossup, but it didn’t work unfortunately
You can’t get the necessary height to do a crossup hard tag instead of an otg hard tag from what I’ve tried. I also tried (after glaive dive: reflector, adf/aduf, reflector jh variations to crossup, tag doom) but that didn’t work either :frowning: .

I’ll try some more stuff later and see if I can come up with anything.


Seems like a decent idea actually. But idk if I really want to torture myself learning ironman lol. Any beginner resource I should look at before I totally write him off?


This guide is 40min long, but it’s very good.


@thiagoeis‌ If you find any tech with my team please let me know. I would be interested in seeing what I could do with it.


**Heres Some Basic Info **

[details=Spoiler]Ground Dash can be canceled after 11 frames

Cr. H has slower startup than Unibeam L, but has faster startup than Unibeam M & H. It’s a basic attack so you can call assist while doing Cr.H even though its a projectile attack. Can be canceled into any special moves though. It has frame advantage of +4 on block. It doesn’t really reach fullscreen though. It can go under Hawkeye’s Triple Arrow, but I’ll have to double check.

Air H has good range, and Air M has decent range

Iron Mans’s diagonal and lateral airdash movement starts on frame 10. Up and Down version moves instantly, but hovers at the end.

Iron Man’s 8 way air dash is completely different than anyone else’s

According UMVC3 bible, tridash down L is one of the fastests overhead because j.L has 4 frame startup. The problem is that you need to be in point blank range or else this j.L won’t reach

Iron Man has fast flight startup (12 frames), and lasts for 108 frames. So you can use it to negate pushblock.

Smart Bombs don’t disappear if Iron Man gets hit. Smart Bomb L has less recovery, but Smart Bomb H has more frame advantage (+5), and pushes opponent away on block.

Repulsor H has a huge size than Replusor L, but has slower startup than Replusor L

Cr. M has good range, but difficult to connect off of Max Cr.M > St.H range without an assist that can combo after Unibeam L or a LvL 3. If your opponent tries to whiff punish your Cr.M with a dive kick, you can whiff cancel into Repulsor Blast.

St. M is also a good range

St. H is a good anti air that also option selects as a Throw[/details]

**Stragety **

[details=Spoiler]Attack opponent from midrange so that you should be close enough to threaten with crouching H, tip of Air H attacks, edges of Repulsor Blasts, aerial Smart Bombs ,and Unibeams

Work on controlling the the ground level before controlling the sky

Cancel Cr. H into Unibeam L for more chip, Cancel into Fly H to control aerial space and to push your opponent away on block or Cancel into Repulsor Blast.

Protect or cover your air dash attempts with either assists (preferably ground level assist with alot of horizontal range) calls or Smart Bombs. Without protecting your air dash attempts you will get air thrown, or anti-aired. Beware of Doctor Strange, since he can super to punish.

Keep opponent at half screen so you can super jump Smart bombs to either build meter, stall, or transition to offense. Opponent will usually dash under so you need a horiztonal assist that can prevents opponent from dashing under. While your assist is recovering, you should plink air dash down to reach to the ground faster during Flight Mode.

Or you force your opponent do something that you can punish.

  • Force your opponent in the corner(My Strategy).

    • By having your opponent in the corner, you can hit the grounded opponent at the Max range of Super Jump Tridash Down Air H, and dash in Cr.L, it will connect. It hard to connect in Midscreen because it pushes opponent far away that you, and you won’t have enough hitstun time to dash in Cr.M unless you have LvL 3 X-Factor but I’ll have to double check. Without X-Factor during Midscreen, you can jump cancel the dash into Snapback due to 2 frame startup to connect, since you can’t immediately cancel his dash into basic attacks.
  • Easier to combo off of Forward Throw.

  • Since you are playing Iron Man anchor, you’ll be doing some resets when you don’t have X-Factor available or when you know it’s not going to kill with one hit. His best reset option is actually an air throw. Your opponent’s options to avoid air throw reset attempts is limited in the corner. They can work during midcreen, but you have to dash forward every time they air tech backwards. It’s better to get a kill off of only 1, or 2 resets[/details]

Or you can click this link below. You see the content on the right? That’s where you want to click the Strategy section if you want to read for info(I like this person’s writing because it gets straight to the point by providing only important info). Click the technology section if you want a video for info.

Most importantly, you want to learn the KrispyKreme because its more consistent. If your launcher gets blocked or whiffed, then you will be in a world of hurt.


I’d recommend checking out the MvC3 subreddit. The character forums on here are pretty much dead and I’d recommend avoiding the Tier/Theory thread for advice, unless you’re looking forward to hearing “switch to a different character.” Besides that, there are some dedicated Chun players that are still around if you want team feedback.


thanks alot dude


afew request



chun ,doom,sent



if anyone can make a sick video with one of these teams any order
my question is…is it possible?

im a noob to umvc3, i play and lose everyday but i want to get good at this game seriously
i dont know all the in’s and out’s yet
i have to spend more time on the forums
but i have some understanding of the game

i really want to use one of these teams

im currently using dorm,akuma,doom…

i need some help


Well, I can try to work with some basic stuff and record it, but first let me show what I think of the Chun team formations:

If you are playing Chun/Doom, you should use Plasma Beam or Rocks assist depending on the matchups. Plasma helps her rush in, Rocks give her one more defense option against other point rushdown chars like Wolverine, Viper, Nova…

Dorm’s Dark Hole can help her with extensions depending of the combo starters, so you can build meter enough to DHC to Dorm and deal great damage. The cons is that after Chun dies, you will be playing Dorm/Doom with Plasma or Rocks, and Dorm best Doom assist is Missiles. Shit is that Missiles doesn’t help Chun that much, she can protect the assist pretty well by just rushing in, but she can barely confirm of it if the oponnent is at super jump height or something, and the damage will be ass, so you will need a reset afterwards. This was one of my first teams in Ultimate, but I still want to develop something for Chun/Dorm since I had a lot of fun playing it. I found some Chun/Dorm raw tag combos that allows Dorm to charge up 2 to 3 spells, but I still need to figure out more stuff for it. Chun lightning legs assist can kinda help both Doom and Dorm with extensions and a bit with zonning game, working like a “highly nerfed Jam Session”. lol
Also, all the 3 characters have TAC infinites here, so I believe that meter is not actually a problem.

The cons here are that you don’t have a solid anchor, since Doom loses to all the other top tiers. Dorm gets some good movement/damage boost, but he gets wrecked against common anchors like Vergil and Strider. Chun anchor sucks; her speed in X-Factor level 3 is insane and can confuse your oponnent a lot but she is a horrible anchor IMO.

Drones works fine for Chun, giving her good momentum for pressure and lockdown, allowing her to go for fuzzy guard stuff. I can’t say much about Dorm because I’ve never tried Dorm/Sent. Chun can protect Sentinel by rushing in and Dorm has a lot of tools to keep the robot safe: Pillars, Dark Matter and the spells. I believe that increases Dorms zonning pretty much and IIRC, Filipino Champ used to play Dorm/Sent back in Vanilla Marvel.

Again, no good anchors but you can guarantee a safe incoming with Sent spending meter with Hard Drive -> X-Factor. Again, 3 characters with TAC infinites.

I believe that’s a good front-heavy Chun team. Plasma + Drones or Rocks + Drones can help Chun a lot and Doom/Sentinel is pretty decent. Look for some RayRay’s stuff for Doom/Sent mixups and pressure.
Again, 3 TAC infinites and no good anchors.

Firebrand/Dorm is insane as Zakk Bennett showed to the world and I believe that Angelic is using it sometimes. I don’t think Chun fit in this team unless you swap Dorm for Doom so you can do the Firebrand unblockable:

  • What Zakk did with Firebrand/Doom/Amaterasu:
    Firebrand confirms the combo, put the opponent in the corner. TAC to Doom and get the kill and a lot of meter;
    Sphere Flame DHC to Luminous Body;
    Call Ammy and charge the unblockable;

  • What you could study/do as Firebrand/Doom/Chun:
    The same thing as above, but replace Ammy’s Cold Star with Chun’s Lightning Legs. I don’t know if this works, that’s why I put “study” above.

Well, that’s what I think. I can try to work on some basic combos and post them here.


Is wesker beam assist vajra
Or wesker doom rocks vajra
the optimal wesker team

Is dormammu dante doom missiles
Or dorm dante beam assist
Better pick


If your first two characters are taskmaster deadpool

Which is the better order


I think a beam assist is better overall for Wesker, but there are some matchups where you’d want rocks. Doom is the best beam assist character that works well with Vajra so I recommend that team. Definitely not the optimal Wesker team, but.

Point Dormammu isn’t too hot, but if you’re gonna make it work you probably want Dorm Dante Disruptor or Dorm Dante Bolts.


What is the best team for point wesker


Tough call, but something like Wesker Magneto Vergil would be my best bet, maybe Wesker Vergil Magneto.


For point Wesker I agree that Doom/Strider is his top support shell, but Mag/Vergil would be nice too.

You could also use Doom/Dante, Dante/Strider, Vergil/Strider, Doom/Vergil or Vergil/Strange. Strange/Strider might be a good option too, but I haven’t watched someone using this shell besides Marvelo, so I don’t know exactly how this one would work once Wesker dies.


Thoughts on Firebrand/Iron Man (Repulsor)/Vergil? Just use the unblockable shell and throw in satan insurance in the back. Rapid slash + wall cling fireball spam should be enough to cover/convert in the ground horizontal space.


Rapid Slash isn’t a good enough assist to help Firebrand win the neutral. Zero, Nova and Morrigan will destroy an assist-less Firebrand.

I believe if you are going to go with the unblockable strategy with Firebrand, you may as well go all out and get Doom/Skrull or Iron Man/Doom.


Satan insurance is really really good but not always worth it, depending on who you’re playing. Keep that in mind.


I don’t see the need for satan unless you yourself fuck up your unblockables. There is really only one time your opponent should have a chance to escape and that’s if they break the TAC, other than that it’s free once you land the hit with the exception of invincible air hypers.

I think wesker/dorm is really underrated, Shogun showed the power of Wesker/Dorm/Ammy, maybe Wesker/Dorm/Shuma is even better? I bet wesker is pretty annoying when backed by ray and dorm/ray is about as good as dorm/missiles.