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For PW teams, I believe that Dante is the best support, since it helps a lot after Maya Shield breaks and the Order In The Court DHC to Devil Trigger is pretty good. I don’t think Joe goes well with PW, but I think that you should use assists that could benefit both PW and Dante, when PW dies you can still fight back with Dante alongside other character. I would recommend Doom (Missiles), Iron Man (Repulsor) or Akuma (Tatsu). Other characters that might work imo would be Sentinel (Drones) or Magneto (Disruptor, for countercall assists).

I kinda liked the tech because of the reset with the Servbot super, but it wastes too much meter to get Frank at level 4 and you can’t get the crumple state from a throw with this team. Also, I don’t see Viper providing support after Frank gets leveled up besides an high/low unblockable with cr.M + Burning Kick assist, and if you try to save Frank she doesn’t have a safe DHC. While Viper is on point, Shopping Cart helps her a lot tho.
If you play Skrull/Frank, Skrull should be on point for an easy level up, but I don’t know how well Viper works at anchor position.


running Chris/Dante/Akuma. its really fun. any tips? is this a solid team?


Thanks! Yeah I know it’s a problem, like I tell all my friends it’s just pure stubbornness that I haven’t given up on a team lineup with Viper / Frank. It’s mind boggling that there’s almost no tech out there, I’ve crawled through almost all of SRK and online and can’t find anything, so I’ve been trying to come up with stuff for them, but unfortunately I’m not that innovative.

This combo burns 3 meters but builds 1, so cost of 2 meters with the reset to get to level 4 is not too bad considering there’s no other leveling tech for Viper / Frank that I’ve seen; the other options like DHC whiff or THC only gets Frank to level 3. Just a contingency to level him up if Skrull get taken out before I can level Frank. I’m usually playing either Viper point with Shopping Cart & Tenderizer assists depending on the match-up, or more often now Skrull / Frank / Viper for that easy Inferno DHC whiff.

Yeah I get what you mean with the BK assist, though it is nice for saving the ground bounce in extending Frank’s ABC combos, so simple you can use it online and rarely drop it:


No chance of trying one of the ZMC characters with Viper/Frank?


I definitely appreciate the tips from your previous post, I’m going to check them out but it’ll be a learning curb for me. The primary concern with them I’m already seeing, especially Trish, is I’m giving up Skrull’s damage; Jam Session is great for both Viper and Frank and opens up the THC options, and there’s lots of leveling tech for Frank too. Trish gives some unblockable setups, but her assists are okay…just not great, and once she gets hit she’s done.

Worth looking into though, thanks again, I’m gonna start studying them up at least as alt lineups.


Yeah, it definitely works. Others will probably recommend Strider over Akuma but in all honesty, Tatsu goes well with both your others.

On-topic though: I talked to KaneBlueRiver over the weekend and he recommended that I try putting Haggar on point to improve my play with him, as I feel like he’s my weakest link despite having run with him since vanilla’s release. Now I’m fairly adamant about my Manly-Ass Shell (Haggar/Arthur) working as point and second respectively. Therefore I’m trying to figure out other characters that can work in the “anchor” spot. I use anchor sparingly since at time it may work as XXX/Haggar/Gold Arthur depending on match-up.

Haggar/Arthur/Skrull- my first choice since Skrull was my old anchor throughout vanilla and early Ultimate. Also can pull off the Dirty Ass Torch resets with ease. I can already pull up Dragoomba videos of a point Skrull working out with Lariat and in this case he’s getting a true neutral assist rather than Dark Hole.

Haggar/Arthur/Akuma- sort of an offshoot to BananaMan’s team. Just swapping big bodies at this point. Tatsu helps with nullifying a lot of problematic match-ups Haggar might end up facing Akuma takes advantage of both assists quite well.

Haggar/Arthur/Strider- now I’m not terribly proficient with Strider. I’ve got what I call the “JRosa Syndrome” in that the longer he remains on the field, the worse my decision making becomes. Ergo this might be one of the only times I’ll stick with plain Arthur through thick and thin. In case Strider is forced out onto the field, I know about Strider/Arthur synergy thanks to pat and I can imagine Lariat can work given Strider’s tools.

I’ve got a few other viable teams but the above three are the forerunners. Any suggestions?


I’ve never thought of Chris with Tatsu, but on paper looks ok. Chris with Jam is really strong, Dante with Akuma can hang in there and Akuma anchor is not bad.

Dante would be great for Viper/Frank. Vergil could work with a sword loop and then raw tag Frank to level up, but you woul lack a neutral assist, so Dante is the best bet.


Strider is probably the best bet because he works well on point or as anchor and has an assist they can both use. He probably woulf be a great point against characters like zero that will give you problems. Aside from that he will fight arthur for meter so you will have to choose how you wanna win late if it comes to that


Eh, honestly? Arthur’s not as meter dependent as people have come to believe. Plus I get the double anchor factor and can pretty much blow my wad on the enemy team if something like Arthur level 3 happy birthday happens. Still, definitely gonna give this a try at Sissy Fights tonight.


Ok, so my team is chun-li, spencer, and nova but I need help on how to get chun li in! I want to keep this team but I have no assist to help out chun li with opening opponents and incoming mix-ups. This is my first time EVER posting on a forum so sorry if I did somethin’ wrong!


If you want to keep Chun and Spencer, Dr. Strange is the best choice.

Also, Chun/Spencer can setup Flame Loops for Strange.

If you want to keep Nova, you can go with Chun/Nova/Doom.


Hello, I am looking to play Nemesis, (insert someone here), she-hulk otg assist. I’m really trying to fit in a character that can help me kill off of my first hit, (without using an infinite) and has a good assist for incoming. Was thinking possibly jam but I’m not sure of the dante nemesis synergy. Any other ideas?


Dante would be OK, but I don’t think you’ll be getting many ToDs. Just go for resets.


Any suggestions other than Dante then? His assist doesn’t really provide the best reset game either I don’t think, with nemeis command grab at least.


Strange is a good option


Yeah, Strange is probably the pick.


Vergil also sounds OK if you don’t want to do fof loops


Vergil is good. Rapid Slash is one of the few assists that lets you pick up off midscreen throws, ground or air. That said, I’d also recommend Chris with Land Mine.


I think I have these doom TAC infinites down and I really enjoy pairing him with firebrand. I was thinking of learning amaterasu for all the synergy and i still may, BUT
was wondering what you guys think about Firebrand/Doom/Phoenix

I lose the unblockable setup (but with ammy that setup costs two bars anyway) but I get access to easy corner infinites. Firebrand has shitty damage but doom hard tags+infinites help supplement my missing damage.

And then I get phoenix in the back to do phoenix shit. What do you guys think? yeah I know magneto is crazy, but I can’t play him optimally – im adamant about the firebrand doom shell. What phoenix assist would I use? Is there assists that she has that can help setup incoming pressure with firebrand?


I was wondering is there a possible way to run a team like Taskmaster, Nemesis, Magneto in any possible order? I’m also a fan of Rocket Raccoon if that helps and should replace someone? Like Nemesis and want to build a team around some of the characters I like.