Official April Showers Of Pain Results 4/26 SF Mall

posting on behalf of free for now. 13 entrants

  1. Free. 21 wins
  2. God. 20 wins. PERFECTION!!! Worlds Greatest Show!!!
  3. Pablo. 19 wins
  4. James"trojan man". 18.9 wins
    5.- 13. free has full results. will post later.

Mexiwong got it the night before. didnt show up for tourney. his done :tdown:

top 3 was close as fuck. gs to all that came out. phi out of nowhere. gs. my best friend came to watch perfection. gdlk. omega red is seksi.

for what game?

cvs1 and marvel 2. perhaps the first and only cvs1 tourney in 2008?

yeah it was cvs1/mvc2 round robin. $10 gets you entry into both games. most points wins.

htf you getting internet you fat fuck

and htf did this abomination of a tournament actually run(lol just trying to antagonize free, good thing he doesnt read inside parentheses lolol)


Cant leave Pat to do anything…here are the results


  1. Eric V (guile/nak:santhrax)
  2. Pat (sim/blanka/nak:scc)
  3. Pablo (blanka/sagat:msp)
  4. Slogan (blanka/sagat:mss)
  5. Jusj3f / Max


  1. Ryry (steve)
  2. Jusj3f with the motherfuckin (kangaroo)
  3. Chet Chetty (paul)
  4. Turk (nina/wang)
  5. Big Word / Jin Masta

THx to all that came out…we will be doing these every month???

good shit, eric v.

jag best avatar EVER :rofl:

good shit eric v and jaguar for running the tourneys and eric vs girl for keeping the scores,
i say we make that korean restaurant our official destination right after tourney

Yes jag your avatar!!! Lmao

I see u Pat!!! Omega red IS sexy!! :wink: wish abishai could of been here :frowning: I had Hella fun though…see yall at C3!

wtf?! There were tourns for fighting games in SF Mall that wasn’t (just) Tekken?!

P.S.- Yo Jeff!

NO XVSF!!?!?!?

Yer a dead man Pat.

i would also just like to comment on the quliaty of jaguars av, that shit is too good. i knew james looked mad familiar for some reason hahahaha.

p.s. ryry is a beast.

^What’s going on ski.