Official Arcade - 360 Button Configuration

I have been looking for a while now but cannot find the answer…I know the Viewlix street fighter IV arcade machine has only the six white buttons but I want my fightstick to match the button configuration of the actual arcade machine.

Could someone in the know kindly post the exact placement of each button for the 360 fightstick to match the arcade machine e.g A should be Low Kick X should be etc etc

Thanks alot!

Punches across the top, Kicks across the bottom. Just like about every other Street Fighter game for the last 14 years.

Thanks mate, thats what I’ve got at the mo. Does it go from low punch to high punch from left to right or vice versa and same with kicks? Sorry, but dare I say it I have never played on a street fighter arcade machine! :confused:

Yup, it’s exactly as you say. Light -> Medium -> Heavy from left to right.