Official Arcade Stick Art Thread ( Request, Show, Discuss )

Well then.
Recently i have gotten into photoshop and because all i see is avatar requests, i figured i’d do some arcade stick art for people.
I recently descided to get into photoshop because no one would make custom art for sticks anymore, and well i wanted custom art. Even when people could do it, they did not understand what i wanted.

My service is free, i will do 1-2 a day and i will keep doing them untill i get bored of it.

Please give a description of exactally what u want. If you do not really care and just want somthing kool looking then thats fine as well.

Please provide all images you want. I dont have the time to be image hunting for you. If this is an inconvience for you i can do a small search, but dont expect anything extravigant.

Here is an example, my stick art i made 2 days ago.

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me via pm, this thread or by AIM