Official AXISdapter Thread: SIXAXIS/DS3 Hacking Made Easy (ONLY PACK A avail)


AXISdapter is out of production and will most likely not be made anymore. The ShinJN Tech Shop has been retired as I have been focused primarily on Level Up.

I have (5) A kits and (2) B kits left. If you would like to purchase these, please e-mail me at jimmy.nguyen (at) levelup-series (dot) com

The AXISdapter name, original design and board layout, and JNT logo are Intellectual Properties of Jimmy ‘ShinJN’ Nguyen and Jimmy Nguyen Technologies (JNT). The aforementioned properties cannot be reproduced or used without the written consent of Jimmy Nguyen and JNT.*

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I am


Do it.


You sir are a godsend. I f’ed up my first sixaxis hack and ive been weary of doing another once since they are so expensive. DO IT!


i am interested, wireless stick FTW!


i want to have your babies…

i mean ill take 2! :wgrin:


ShinJN, you couldn’t have posted this proposal at any better time. This is definitely piquing my interest right now since I’m going to be executing a huge modding endeavor on my HRAP2:SA for multi-console use via project boxes in the near future once I obtain funds. Just a few questions.

  1. Would you be able to do mappings for R3 and L3 on top of every other button (button whore/Virtua Fighter Training Mode user here, sorry! :wgrin:)?
  2. Is there any way to have this PCB operate via wireless (for home/casual matches) and via wired (like Toodles’ Cthulu for tournaments)?
  3. I take it you still need to provide the SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 with power via a mini-USB cable?


ShinJN, I am very interested. Would purchase for sure. Question.
When a sixaxis has the charging cable hooked up to the PS3, is it
then operating as a wired connection? If so, you could have the best
of both worlds.


definitely interested, but off course, it really depends on the price of the PCB…
if price is in a reasonable range, then yes, definitely yes


Plugging a sixaxis with a USB cable into the ps3 automatically detects/syncs it to that ps3.


I know the PS3 auto-synchronizes with a DS3 or a SIXAXIS when they’re connected via USB, but does the controller then proceed to interact with the console via USB data transfer or does it interact via bluetooth? I’m curious to know since I never really paid much attention to this before.

On an semi-unrelated note, do 360 wireless controller do something similar (i.e. communicate with the 360 by wire) with the Play and Charge Kit? If so, this’d save me a TON of money when I start getting around to modding my HRAP2:SA to be compatible with project boxes.


yes, it does, when you connect it by the the play the charge kit, it automatically sync the controller to the system which it was connected to.

what I don’t understand is why can’t M$ make data be transfer by the wire when its connected to the system


I’m pretty sure it’s still bluetooth, likewise with the Play and Charge with the 360, it is still wireless despite being plugged in.


oppsss. didn’t read the question clearly

yes, ulovemikeroch is right '
even when you are charing via USB, the 360 controller still connects to 360 by wireless


I am interested. I don’t have much input though.

  1. No. The 20 pin connector on the SIXAXIS has connections for all buttons except R3 and L3. The scope of the adapter board is only to make hacking the 20 pin connector easier. Sorry =(

  2. Yup. You’re still using the SIXAXIS PCB. The adapter board adds no additional functionality nor does it remove any. It only makes wire hookup easier. So you will still be wireless and still have to connect a USB cable for charging just like you were playing on an unmodded SIXAXIS controller.

  3. Yes. See #2. That is unless you get one of those USB panel mounts (the NAUSB) from Markertek.

You are still using the SIXAXIS as if it were in it’s controller shell. So yes, you can use it wireless or wired.

I’m not sure what pricing will be like. The flat flex cable and connector are pretty pricey. Toodles and I will discuss what exactly is involved with production and revisit that question at another time.


Dude. That is brilliant. Make it happen.


Definitely interested. Still have two SixAxis controllers collecting dust since upgrading to DualShock-3…



Looks like I’m still going to have to end up pad-hacking a PS3 controller to get L3 and R3 working. But regardless, I’d still be very interested in purchasing a few of these adapter boards. I know a couple of friends who would be extremely interested in finding a use for their SIXAXIS controller again. Not to mention that for the hell of it, you’d still be able to use the SIXAXIS tilt sensors with your stick. That’d be neat to have even if it’s awkward to move around your stick. :rofl:

On that matter, is it even possible to pad-hack L3 and R3 on any DualShock line of controllers or is it simply not doable?

Continuing the little side discussion, I’m pondering if it really is even necessary to go out of your way to find a wired PCB to use in tournaments. Both of you claim that battery recharging methods for both controllers cause the controllers to auto-synchronize to the console they’re connected to. I know issues pop up with interference and the like, but if the research Toodles did on the reliability of the wireless abilities of the 360 and PS3 pads shows anything, it should theoretically be a non-issue assuming you’re synched right. So, would having a stick with simply a wireless 360 or PS3 PCB be legitimate for tournament use solely based on the condition that the PCB has to be wired to the console?


Yes please ;).