Official AXISdapter Thread: SIXAXIS/DS3 Hacking Made Easy (ONLY PACK A avail)


I’d buy more than one.


So I did some more R&D and found a better program to make my PCB layout. The one I used before forced me to use their fab service. I will now be using Eagle to make the layout and the files generated from it will allow me to use any fab service. Time to get cranking on some tutorials.


Sure it is…

That image shows the solder points for L3 and R3 in the uper-left picture. They use the same common as the select and start buttons.

I’ve used my wireless stick (using a hacked sixaxis) in a couple of local tournements now. I was unaware that there were tourneys with rules against it. It seems to me that as long as your synced up properly, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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a wireless stick would be pretty godly.

put me down as INTERESTED, sir. :smiley:


I would order one today if you had it.


Woah. :amazed:

Thanks a bunch Jesster! Now I can finally confirm that I can add L3 and R3 to my HRAP2:SA in the future! This is going to be SO CASH for VF4:EVO and maybe GGXXAC Training Modes (if GGXXAC can map R3 and L3 to commands that is). Do any 360 fighters (or for that matter, any games period) make use of the left and right thumbstick buttons out of curiosity for Training Mode or otherwise?

And as for the tourney rules that you’re not allowed to use a wireless controller, I have no idea where exactly I heard this one myself. But I suppose you’re right, as long as your device synchronizes properly with the console, it shouldn’t matter if it’s wireless or not. The PS3 and 360 wireless controllers auto-synchronizing to the console that they’re hooked up to is a great help to this as well. Oh and speaking of synchronization with a 360, is it necessary to press the Sync button if you’re operating on a Play and Charge Kit?


Interested in this too, depending on the price.


I’m in for one.


Especially if this is more or less dummy proof.
I am retarted when it comes to pad hacking.:looney:


Project will be delayed until the later half of January because the fab house is closed till then. =(


Bummer, but still, at least the project will still come about, right? :wonder:

Also, forgive me if this is a stupid question, but sans the configuration of the buttons and grounds and whatnot, couldn’t one of these SIXAXIS Adapter Boards be used on a DualShock 2 A Series for a cleaner rendition of SpiffyShoes’ Hack? If so, I’m absolutely buying 2 of these. Any chance you fellows (ShinJN or Toodles or whoever else is working on this) would be able to bundle wiring diagrams for use with both SIXAXIS and DS2-A controllers with these boards when you release them? Doubtful, but that’d be really cool. :pray:


The connector on a SIXAXIS has 20 points. On the DS1 used for the spiffyshoe’s method, there are 16, and I think the few DS2’s that use a flex connector like this have 18. In order to use a board like this would involve some tweaking, namely taking an Xacto to the flex cable (which is the most expensive part of the whole thing). So I suppose it could be done, but I doubt anyone would consider it a supported use and it would definitely be error prone.


Oh damn, I totally forgot to take that into account. Man, and just when I thought I could have an easy way to hack a PS2 DualShock 2…Oh well, thanks for clearing that up for me, Toodles. I guess I still have to get down and dirty with my soldering iron.


Technically yes, the adapter board could be used on any PCB that has the flat flex ribbon connector. The only thing you have to do is get a ribbon cable that matches the number of pins on the connector. If you want to ghetto it, just cut N amount of connectors off the 20 pin ribbon cable on one end and insert it into the connector of the PS2 PCB. The only issue you may have is where you have to bridge resistors. BUT, that issue is easily taken care of because the board uses screw terminals. You can easily bridge any two pins using the screw terminals.

But the scope of the project is for SIXAXIS hacking only. What you decide to do with the board is up to you! lol


Haha, true, what I do with my board is indeed up to me. And I think I’m going to take the safe route on this one. If these cables are as expensive as you’re having me believe, I don’t even want to consider even touching these things, even if there’s less than a 1% chance that I’d fail (in this case, probably more than 70%). If countless other stick builders had to go and wire up a DS2, well damn it all, I’ll man it out too. 'Sides, I’ve still gotta solder up R3 and L3 anyway, so what’s 8 more buttons plus Start, Select, and Analog?

…But don’t get me wrong, I still wanna be pinned down for two of these things when you folks get this baby released. My best friend and I bought two brand spankin’ new DS3s just to hack them up with these Adapter Boards so we could use them in our sticks. Can’t wait to see this product reach the production line! You guys’ll be rolling in gold!


i hope this comes to reality. the pcb is the last part part i need for my custom build and i’d really really really really rather have a wireless ps3 pcb.


I’d be interested as well. I have one SIXAXIS in pieces right now, project was put on hold due to the holidays.


In an unexpected yet interesting turn of events, I have a batch of adapter board PCBs in my hands. I came home last night and there was a package for me. I don’t recall ordering anything so I wondered what the hell it was. I opened it and saw this.

It is a package of PCBs for the adapter board I designed back in early December. I wasn’t planning on getting the design fabbed because it was only a prototype. I started wondering who the hell would do this so I started calling some buddies and one of them yelled “LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS FOOL! Now solder me some boards.” So it looks like he got the homies to chip in and get my design fabbed. Then I yelled at him because I told him that I was currently coming up with a design that incorporated some ideas Toodles and I discussed. I couldn’t stay mad long because it was really a nice gesture on their part. So I busted out the soldering iron and soldered some components I bought during the prototype design. Here are the results.

I tested the board that I soldered and everything works like a charm. That’s good news.

So here I am with approximately 40 boards (not including the ones for the homies) with no components. I will now have to order some components and throw together packages and a price for you guys.


That looks awesome. I would get one of these in a heartbeat.


wow can i be your friend lol, in serious great news as i was about to build a stick. :woot: btw do you have an estimate price for the boards??