Official Battle Fantasia thread - OUT NOW on XB360

PS3 users can import though. . .:confused:

Didnt this game get not so good reviews? If so that this news isnt saying much…

no big deal. hello playasia…

Er, no? The game isn’t very popular but I haven’t seen any reviews at all, and a small number of people really like the game.

Taking out the infinites is a nice bonus though. Just hope they don’t muck up anything else in the process.

:rolleyes: Gotta love exclusivity. Oh well at least PS3 users can import.

Define “Not so good”, aka what were the average scores? Because traditional fighting games tend not to score too high.

Minor annoyance, but not the first time Aksys choice of consoles to release for locally has been weird. Shikigami no Shiro III was only released on Wii, but Japan gets a 360 version, so much for playing with a stick.

Yeah it’s a weird choice, but do consider that the PS3 is region free while the 360 version isn’t. For dopes like me who only have a 360, it means I can actually get the game without having to snag a PS3.

I don’t think there have been any official reviews of the game. All of the ‘blog reviews’ I’ve seen were all positive though, not that that’s worth much. Like I said, it’s more that the game just doesn’t have any popularity than anything else.

Who the hell reads reviews for a fighting game any ways? Game editorials aren’t fighting game nerds or nothing. They’ll only rate it based on graphics, how the controls feel and how many modes are in the game.

Exactly and since it isnt MGS, a Mario game, COD4, or Halo it’ll get shit reviews. So no word on a US date? Sorry if I missed it.

We’re looking at YOU Gamespot, On another note hey importing ain’t bad :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem here. Region free is the way to be. :tup:

Thats cool baby

Not to mention that the online is also region free as per people in the previous Battle Fantasia thread confirming it.

Also the online is free as well. ; )

Pretty much. Anything that doesn’t appeal to the readers doesn’t get scored well usually. I take reviews with a grain of salt and go by the developer or word of mouth, though reviews are a nice help by pointing out the incrediably shitty or the sleep hit.

I love it how Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 outscored Third Strike/SFII, GGX2and AC, KoFXI, and MvC2 (though the DC outscored it).

The HORI Wii Fighting Stick or the SNK’s Wii Fighting Stick?

Does this game have a Asia version that has english?
A lot of games have been released this way.

Just like how VF5 is only for PS3 :tup:

Cool. Another fighting game for the 360 that I would actually like to play.

You plan on playing story mode or just fighting? Because the rest of the menus in the JP ver are in english. Only dialogue is in Japanese.

i thought vf5 is on 360 too, along with online capabilities (whereas the ps3 version has none?)

basically we are getting fucked over :frowning:

but the 360 is the better version though. they rebalance the game. it might even get some more tweaks.