Official Bioshock 2 Thread: Feed that Adam Addiction!

so how we liking it so far fellas? try not to spoil anything, i played about half an hour of single player then jumped right into multi, which i LOVE. total throwback back to unreal tournament kind of stuff, and when you get the big daddy suit? HULK OUT.

anyways, im down for some private matches just fooling around and such. otherwise, this is a great discussion for plasmid use discussion and all that. so far, air dash is god tier for hilarity and flanking.


i cant be the only one whos played this, can I?

canonical ending has to be the evil one where you become what amounts to a bond villain right? just asking as the “good” ending was total shit.

Incimerate! combined with the gattling gun rape the first few levels of the game.
Anyone else feel that the shotty blows?

Hell no. I’m up to the Wales part, and I love it. I just wish it wasn’t double barrel. Electrify, then run up with the shotty and BLAM, health drops mad fast, especially if you have filmed the enemies. Regular splicers go down in one hit, and the stronger types go down in two. I only use it for tight spaces though. Still rolling with my maxed out OG gun. Is their an option to use the iron sights only?

I actually wish the Bolt Gun was more accurate, like the revolver in the first game. Head shots that don’t kill just burn splicers up like crazy. And with the tonic that boosts fire damage, shit’s a rap.

So, any stupid easy ways of dealing with Big Sisters? I usually just fight them in a room with cameras.

Once you get the mini-turrets you can deploy those are good, other than that, cameras and sentries are your friend.

If anyone pre-ordered this from Amazon and doesn’t care for the Playstation Home code, send it my way please!!

Add me on PSN, I plan to be playing multiplayer heavily after I finish the single player.

So far I’m loving the game, and just about everything has been improved over the first game, from things like hacking to the gameplay(being able to use adam’s and weapon’s at the same time) yet, so far I still prefer the first. My opinion may change when I do complete the game, but I doubt it. Don’t forget…Big Sister is Watching.

Oh, did any of you guys disable the helmet right off the bat? I would’ve been annoyed if I had to go through the entire game with that stupid border in the corner’s of the screen.

Already had a thread for Bioshock.