Official Brackets


When do the official brackets for the pools get listed? Sorry if this has already been posted, and Im just a moron who didnt search hard enough.\

So yea, when are we gunna get to know who we play first? Not until Evo, or before hand?


doesnt matter. just play. its 1024 people entering sf4. what would it matter anyways.


Great minds think alike until they make a new thread asking a question that will answer itself if u just wait a bit longer. Might as well make a topic for what exact time the stream starts and another if the time on your cell phone and computer doesn’t quite match up to the seconds that the countdown for the stream is and so on… :lol:

Don’t worry everything will come with time.


This goes to show how anxious everyone is about evo. I’m not going, but I am anxious to see the brackets too and see who my friends will be up against.

If the brackets do come out early, would anyone be interested in doing a bracket competition thing similar to College basketball’s March Madness?


That actually sounds entertaining. :lol: