Official Breakdown Results

Good Turnout. And no drama! WOW. Anyway here are the results.


1st- D Hyo (IM SENT MAG, Thrax, IM Psy sent)

2nd- Josh Wigfall (Storm Sent Cable, MSP, Team Row)

3rd- Bryheem Keys (Spiral cable sent, team Scrub)

4th- Smooth viper (Santhrax,MSP,team Scrub)

5th- Damian Eklund (storm doom cable,Doom cable BH, megaman doom ???)

5th-Mike Infinite (Team Row)

7th- Matrix (Scrubclops, Matrix. MSC)

7th-Shaheed (Storm, sent, cable)

9th- VDO (Rogue Collosus ken) his fucking ken is on some shit

9th- Kalick (team scrub)

9th- Liston (team row,storm sent cable)

I left the bracket in the arcade so I dont have the rest of the results sorry.


       Bryheem beating me in the winners semis was :confused: to say the least. He's a scary motherfucker to play. I had no clue what he was doing. He wins he set 2-1. Losers finals we meet again I win the set 3-2. D hyo beats smooth viper in other half of winner semis. Grand Finals I win the first set 4-2 but then get PWNED the second set 4-1. For the most part all of the games were really close then I get hit and its all she wrote. Good games to Brandon, Heem, and all of philly. 
       I was already confident about the 5 on 5 thing at ecc but after this tourney I dont have a doubt in my mind we'll take it. I want everyone on the wc team to keep sleeping on D hyo. He really stepped it up lately. Vids should be up soon

3rd strike-

1st- John Gordon (any character he wants)

2nd- Ray Lee (Makoto)

3rd- Josh Wigfall (Chun li,Ken)

4th- Alex kei (Hugo)


1st- D spence

2nd- Julian

3rd- Flash?

4th - Dsp?

Im not to sure about those last 2 I’ll correct if necessary


1st- Josh wong

2nd- Sanford kelly

3rd- Tony CT

Thats all I have for right now. Good shit to all who came out.

Good games, Mayor. And it was good seeing everyone again. Man, I’m glad I got that tournament rust off of me because I haven’t been in that atmosphere since dec at NEC6. -_-

why didnt sanford enter mvc2? banned?

He didn’t feel like it.

what’s chris doyle’s handle?:wonder: i think we should all give a him a get well shout out… hope u’re feeling better, chris.:sweat:

another reason not to have smoking anywhere near the arcade. not that i know this had anything to do with chris.:annoy:

good shit ec

ggs everyone… don’t sleep on doom… brandon hyo showed everyone ur team doesn’t matter so long as its 1 HIT KILL… i noticed wigfall listed my team as mega/doom/??? cause he freakin launcher infinited cable so fast he forgot he was on the team…

yo wigfall i think u got the results wrong. i beat kaliek in the losers bracket and you didnt even list me in top 9.

His tag here is Punisher. He’s doing better now.

Good seeing everyone again. :slight_smile:

i got 4th in ST

phi and someone else got 5th

tony and someone else got 7th

about all i know

oh and CVS2

4th: vdo
5th: me
5th: phil mc fly
7th: dsp
7th: som d
9th: julian robinson
9th: damian
9th: ron
9th: kevin
13th: chibi
dunno the rest

First, I’d like to thank the management of Eight on the Break for helping me out in my time of need.

Second, I’d like to thank Dunellens Finest for responding to the call as fast as they did. It really pays to have an establishment just footsteps from a police station.

Third, I’d like to thank Phi for helping DSP and Wiganator a tournament, while still having the time to pick me up in a hospital far far away. Also, I’d like to thank Phi for arranging a ride with Vincent back to Newark.

Fourth, I’d like to thank Vincent for dropping me at Newark Pennsylvania Station. This was a lifesaver for me. We had great conversation on the way there too. I hope to see you around. I liked talking shop on the drive to Newark.

Last, I’d like to thank all of well wishers who wrote back online on AIM, IRC, and this forum.

Phi, Shag, Flash, McFly, DSP, Spence and all others that I can’t think of right now.

Thank You,

Chris Doyle

P.S.: I am feeling better. Thanks Spence :slight_smile:

I had alot of fun playing CvS2, I was at a point where I didn’t have much confidence in my game / myself but playing the likes of Nestor / Josh Wong / Sanford / VDO and doing quite decent (ie not being 100% raped ocv’d) made me love playing the game all over again. I have a new team to work on as well.

@ VDO:

Still love watching you play, I want plenty games against you next Saturday at CF, my Joe against yours! I’d love to see my video against Nestor if possible, at least to catch the talking in the background, haha.

@ Josh:

I let the guy behind next weekend’s gathering know about you, you should be getting directions to his place soon on your handle at dustloop. I’d love to see you get into #R (and then Slash), the scene could use someone like you (and more folks in general, haha). I’ll keep playing weirdoes in CvS2.

@ Nestor:

Stop playing fighting games all together and start knitting sweaters competitively or something. CHICKEN FRIED RICE.

Hope to see you all next Saturday at CF!


By far the best part of this tournament was the drama.

First, we have wacky ST. And I mean, wacky. The controls were actually PERFECT, thank god for switch sticks. But as for the game itself, it just seemed…WEIRD.

First, for some reason ST refused to fit the screen on that cab, so it was the correct width, but the height of the game was squished…hopefully this can be fixed at ECC. Then, total randomness ensued. People who were expected to do well ended up going out early. Dave Spence, who is always solid with Dhalsim, said the game felt like it was running at the wrong speed and things were going weird. Things that shouldn’t hit were hitting, people were eating random stuff…just plain wacky. Then, in the middle of the tournament, Chris Doyle suffers an asthma attack and has to be helped to the hospital. In the end, Spence ends up winning but we all agree it was one of the strangest tournaments ever. My personal highlight was getting revenge on Devin for beating me so badly last time by mirroring his O.Sagat and beating him down 3-0.

Then, the cotrol controversy continues. In MvC2, everyone says they can’t dash on the right side. In CvS2, nobody can do DPs and it’s nearly impossible to finish A-ism combos because the buttons don’t seem to want to come out. In an amazing upset, Tony Barnhill of CT ends up going extremely far and getting 3rd, narrowly losing to Sanford, while Nestor who was favored to win ends up losing.

Finally, the end of the night drama. At about 12am some random drunk kid stumbles into the break (not sure if he was there before he was drunk) and starts threatening EVERYONE to fight! INCLUDING a girl! It gets so bad that I have to throw him out…and he comes back! So I tell the people working at the break and one of them throws him out…and he still comes back! So then BOTH workers throw him out…and he STILL comes back! I throw him out a final time, this time getting really up in his face because it’s getting ridiculous, and he leaves. So we all go outside and get ready to go…and the kid COMES BACK from across the street! He gets in my face saying he doesn’t care if he gets fucked up, he wants to fight! I said don’t be stupid, if he says one more word he’s going to jail. The kid says I don’t care! So I said “well…alright then!” and waved over the cop who was sitting across the street and saw the whole thing. Two more cops pull up and end up arresting the kid, who ends up being underage to drink and also has WEED on him. Congrats, asshole!

poor kid, he’s gonna feel like the biggest failure when the high wears off. nice job standing up for the break though phil, much props :slight_smile:

WOW! That all happened right after we left too. Well, the part about getting thrown out like 3 times was too funny!

No sympathy for him… if you drink underage and get THAT fucking blitzed out of your mind… to walk around an uptight town of Dunellen… at a public place in FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION… and getting countless warnings from 10s-20s of different people… asking for weed constantly… you deserve what you get.

Not to mention he wreaked so bad of booze.

He had it commin… it’s not like we didn’t try to do him a favor… even when they arrested him he still bothered us cuz the goddam cops blocked in DSP’s car and parked in front of Phi’s… fuck that kid. When they asked him his name, he was so glazed over just staring at the police lights too… i mean damn he wasn’t just drunk, he was seriously wrecked.


tru, only on the ec this shit happens! mvc2 @ the break is too hype

Yeah, that ST was crazy. Had a really hard time telling ranges of things because of the squished screen. Controls were great though, all the games in there should have those sticks! Sounds like it was a crazy night after I left.

You got trees, yo?

HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG(RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say that I had a fun time at the tourny this past saturday, and I finally did a few things

  1. I met both DSP, and Phil Mcfly.
  2. I got to FINALLY play the great Julian Robinson, we met a few years back but never had the opportunity to play 1 another, (good games bro)

I’m not too sure if I can make it to the ctf tourny this sat, due to my boss bitch’n bout me taking a saturday off, but I will try to work my magic (not look’n 2 good though)

Also it might have been just me but the sticks that every 1 was bytch’n about seem to do me just fine but hey I’m great and all so thats prolly why they worked lol!

Thanks goes out to
JoshWigfall- for lett’n me get in marvel despite my late arrival, and for taping some of my matches.
Josh Wong- for a good battle in cvs 2 and the props that he gave me.
Julian Robinson- for being cool as always and also a good match in cvs 2 (can’t wait for the next time we meet)
Jet Phi- for holding my spots til I made it there, and also the mini interview ( leme know when you post that online)
Nestor- for just being himself, which is my friend for life and all the laughs.
Phil Mcfly- for using such a dominate groove (P-GROOVE BABY) ALL THE WAY!

Last but not least a very BIG THANK YOU goes out to Lady Jazz for doing the unthinkable and travelin allll the way to the break to bring me my “QUEEN” statue! Thanks baby I owe you one…wait a minute, no I don’t shyt I took yo azz allllllllllllll the way home to the Bronx lol.

P.s. Nestor I’m kickin yo azz whn I see you again (holding secrets from yo boy) I can’t believe you lol.

C yall prolly not sat though GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR