Official Button Layout (Stick/Controller), Release Check & Alternative Controls Thread


Figured this might be helpful to folks who have questions about layouts, RC and AC.
Here, all players can ask questions/post their opinions and experience regarding layouts, Release Check and Alternative Controls.

For more info on what Release Check and Alternative Controls are, check out Saitsu’s General IGAU Guide here:

Not sure if this is Sticky Worthy, but it may help cut down on multiple layout threads.

360 stick button layout?

Play with what feels right for you. Sakul is right its all opinion. Though fuck 8 button, 6 button for life !!!


My thread about stick layout. I think it’s pretty helpful.


Perhaps, but this thread encompasses arcade stick layout for all systems AND controller layouts (see thread title) as well as the use of Release Check and Alternate Controls. So that we can cut down the number of multiple threads on these 3 things (button layouts, RC, AC).



I just use the regular format


I use regular but use a controller other than a stick. Looking to find a cheap xbox/ps3 compatible stick sometime soon.