Official Button Layout Thread

Greetings! I made this thread to help clear any confusions on the layout of different games. I guess that like myself, there are a lot of people here who have never seen an original arcade machine of their favorite games, but want to play as closely as the real experience as possible. This goes for mostly japanese layouts, with some exceptions, like Mortal Kombat. If you can post images of the real, original layouts, with data of the official colors if possible, that would be awesome, so I can compile all the versions in this first post of the thread. For example, We all know the classic 6-button Capcom layout, but I just recently found out that the official versions were red, blue and white in color. Also, another example: I always thought that KoF layout (at least the one that is usually used here) is, using as example the japanese 6-button classic layout, and the X’s being non-existant buttons (ignore the underscores, they’re there just for tabulation purposes):

_ B X
_ D X

But I found out recently that there’s an official Neo-Geo stick, and the buttons have a strange disposition, and I don’t know if the buttons are:

_ B C
_ X X


_ C D
_ X X

And the last example: Guilty Gear. I found out by looking at the Trading outlet that there is a GG arcade stick, with a 5-button layout; with the layout provided, my guess is that this was the config:

_ S HS
_ X D

Well, considering this, any info you can provide will be really useful notonlyto me, but to everyone who wants to play their games as they’re supposed to.


Sorry man we have it already:

Oh, I thought that thread was only for stick building templates, so please,any mod, delete this thread.