Official Call out to GuyWongsta

You keep talking trash so here it is. You pick 3 things that you’re good at (can’t be drinking or anything like that cuz that is excessive and therefore I lose my soul over it). I will surpass you at it by evo west, we’ll money match at them 100 bucks a piece. Doesn’t even have to be video game related. It can be a pushup contest. I’m saying now you are average/below average at everything you do. Oh and speaking cantonese doesn’t count either (thats prolly your native language).

wow this shit is serious people getting nuts for a video game.

holy shit. do a mandarin contest. or a basketball ft11 win by 2. Or bowling…nah all that shit is gay. Play marvel.

You just say bowling is gay?

Boy i bowl better than shrimp fried rice!

I’m sure you do, and I give 1.5 shits.

Wow, db! on the rampage.

2-1 he won’t take the bet.

BTW, when you getting a damn avatar!

wongsta I’ll money match you in those 4 things you’ve listed! =D im just trying to lighten up the mood lol

talk about jokers

take this shit to PMs

who are you?



agreed. You can’t use your magic pad that gives you one button dash and lets you keep both assists though. You have to either play on a stick or sacrifice the assist like I do.

I don’t play on console sticks and you know that. Don’t throw in a stipulation that you know I’m not gonna agree to. You might as well have not even accepted the match. We can do it in the arcade if you like instead.

We can make sure all the sticks are fixed all 10 switches.

I don’t play on japanese sticks at all plus super arcade is 2 hours from my house. Does that even make sense to you?

Regarding the 1000 dollars you don’t have it. You had to lessen/eliminate half of your other bets cuz you quit your job for evo, so I think your’re just blowing smoke. In addition the other challenge still stands since you’re coming up with extraneous nonsense. I’m not gonna agree to some open ended bet like that. Other people could talk trash about me, and I talk trash back, its fun. I’m as close to a troll as one can get without actually being one so no. You have any serious requests?

Yeah I did say that cuz this is online trash talk. It doesn’t really mean anything and like I said its fun. You don’t hear me cursing people out and they do that to me all the time. I don’t get in anyone’s face, and they’ve done it to me. We’re adults anyone who can’t handle trash talk needs to grow up for reals. I take it as an invitation and have my fun with it. Also please don’t call me nigga, I would prefer other races didn’t refer to me that way.

If you have so much money why are you afraid to play me for 100? Why are you minimizing some of your belts? That’s neither here nor there.

Bottom line, I won’t take that bet cuz I think its retarded and I have nothing to gain from it. Put a time stamp so I have a benefit from it and you might have something there. Otherwise, whats in it for me?

i call bullshit

i remember you wanting to “take it outside” after i called you the captain of team homeless

then again, i know that words can be so hurtful




I don’t know about at FFA, but he challenged someone to a one-on-one fight on SRK a while back. I remember reading the posts. I think he was still “fanatiq” back then. i may have it confused though.

nope, that wasn’t fanatiq

that was nanatiq

yeah, it was NANATIQ

As much as I love laughing at work, this shits getting old, either play or fold. If nobody is going to play just squash it… if you’re gonna play then there shouldnt be any handicapps… play your best, good luck.

Actually, Loren *will *fight people. I know he doesn’t like too, but he will. I think he was saying no to your 3 bet suggestions Guy. And he doesn’t fight for fun, so I think boxing is out.

You guys should just go OG and play for Money!

Many people can say I’ve asked them to fight me, and thats because I haven’t always tried to live like a christian. IIRC I asked starubury quite a while back to make an agreement that we would fight the next time we saw each other. No psycho (you a ho, I’m gonna kill you, blah blah) just a simple request. I’ve asked deus to fight, duc jr, some random dude that cursed us out outside of family, kai, countless people. Now that I don’t fight anymore, some people have extended the same offer, I simply can’t. Just like when I was not money matching before (cuz I wanted to make sure I could handle it and not go psycho) TOO many people asked me to money match. Prior to that not a person in the world can say I EVER turned down a money match. EVER. Not a lie, just a change in my life, that I’m not willing to give up to put hands on somebody. After going so long w/o money matches, I now can turn em down just as easily as I accept them. I still haven’t gone back to playing texas hold 'em, but thats cuz I got better things to spend my money on.

Wong as I said in the PM, didn’t you try to squash it before? And then was still talking trash covertly? I thought that was kinda fake. You say “Loren lets end this, just put all this in the game” then you make a thread about one button dash, quote people that have crap to say about me (mostly haters) and continue with the same bs. You got beef, be overt about it, its that simple.