^^^ Official CASTLEVANIA thread ^^^

There were a bunch of CV threads, but nothing to encompass the discussion of all.
All hail Drac. :rock::rock::rock::rock:

Anyway, I’m hella excited for Lords of Shadow
In case you havent seen it [media=youtube]0y8F0dQM1DI[/media]

Supposedly its supposed to be a reboot to the series, thus taking place at the very beginning of the CV timeline, a spot that was held previously by Lament of Innocence.

And let me get things out of the way, CV4 and CV:RoB are funner to me than SoTN and latter Metroidvanias.
I prefer the more difficult platforming experience, although I dont mind 3DVanias, such as Curse of Darkness and Lament.
Which is why I have high hopes for Lords. But I hope they dont erase the rest of CV history… I cant imagine CV history re-written without the greatest five.

Anyway, hopefully this thread can be kept somewhat alive before Lords comes out. :sleep:

For those that don’t know, Norio Wakamoto has voiced Dracula in most of his appearances.

Yes there was

I will support this I have always been a fan of SOTN and the one on the N64.

EDIT: oops looks like there was already another thread.

LOL the N64 version was complete shit game.
Lament of innocense on ps2 was a very nice game in it’s own right.

Looks like I didnt search enough. haha Ok close this bad boy, sep!