Official complain about the new forum layout thread


I hate change

UMvC3 OTT: Fighting is magic? Such Heroic Nonsense!
Where Are The Mortal Kombat Forums
UMvC3 OTT: Fighting is magic? Such Heroic Nonsense!
UMvC3 OTT: Fighting is magic? Such Heroic Nonsense!

I joined 3 years ago wow


I can’t figure out how to delete threads so I’m just going to leave it here


This white background sucks


u suck


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“BigMovement”>I joined 3 years ago wow</blockquote>

Don’t trust those, some people signed up for premium and changed their join date as a feature. Like your mod for example.


i don’t really want to complain about anything, but it would be nice if the avatar size didn’t consist of 40x40 mini-thumbnails.


agree, like ad nausem

I wish they can run these things by us first. Or at least just communicate better. And we STILL don’t have a spoiler tag button. Like wtf?


I need an explanation of the differences between Off Topic, Disagree/Agree, and Like so that I can better maximize my forum going experience.


lmfao. what is this the srk haters ball? ya’ll niggas been here for an hour damn. hahah.


Hopefully whenever they get done revising everything they do something about the lack of contrast. White background is fine…baby blue text on white background is <b>NO.</b> Also the darkest part of the page is on the strips at the top and bottom where contrast isn’t nearly as important. It’s way harder to tell where one post ends and the next begins than it should be.


I see no rep bars, site has failed.


Wow, no search option? Please tell I’m overlooking something.

Edit: Haha, I found it. Damn lack of contrast. >__<


Damn thought the site was hacked at first. I missed SRK lol. can we have bigger avs??


<del>Stickied</del> Announced… have fun lol


i don’t like change


The breasts in my av aren’t bouncing.


too bright


Change is good, but the forums still need work. I noticed that all my bookmarks are gone, and we really don’t have much in the way of options.


i want some fries with my taco

im level 1 lol