Official CvS2 Famitsu Guide

Anybody know where I can get the official japanese cvs2 guide? I think it’s published by famitsu? it’s the book with practically everything you need to know about the game.

i’ve tried ebay, but had no luck.

thanks in advance. is where i got mine

is that the book tokido is carrying with him in SBO1?

btw, was that book early enough to have anything about RC?

that site is out of stock… :frowning:

does anyone know of any other places to get it?

I got mine from – that was a while ago, though.

uh…yea it has stuff on RC data in it. It’s literally got tons of info, moreso than any other regular book on a game.

btw, I got mine in some random store I akihabara. I believe it was called Shosen Booktower. But if you’re in LA, you can go to little tokyo and find it in a book store like asahiya or kinokuniya.

awesome. I just received mine through now, to learn japanese…

can you possibly post some info about how you found your copy on amazon? I can’t find it. >_<

i just ordered this book off here’s the link:

cvs2 guidebook ( does have an limited english option. if you look at the top right corner of the page, you’ll see a “display in english” option. clicking this will turn the buying options to english.

you’ll have to sign up for an account…but there’s an option to switch to english on that so you can understand the fields you’re entering too. pretty easy process.

total for me came out to around $30 for the book. the actual book cost about $17, and express shipping (2-5 days) cost about $15. there’s a standard option (3-4 weeks) that cost about $8 i think. i recieved the book 2 days after i placed the order too…really fast.

mmm how did you get express shipping for $15… shows as 3,000 yen for express which is around $25 or so

well, i got 2 books in my order…one for me and one for someone else w/out a credit card. i just assumed the shippping would split in half. my invoice says 3300 yen, so i figured about 1500. my mistake.

if you dont know japanese is it still worth it?

I dont think so…

it is, judging from the scan smoothcat made. if you need it i’ll send it to you if you want. aim me.