[Official] Dragon Ball FighterZ Discord!


In celebration of the game coming out on Jan. 26, we invite you to join our official server!
A new Discord server specifically built to accommodate newcomers, but still appeal to veterans of the fighting game genre.

[] Learn new tech from avid researchers of the game from the day it was announced!
] Join our coaching staff to help newcomers get into the genre!
[] Host tournaments on our server to promote!
] Get up to date news on the game!
[*] Custom Emotes!

Link: https://discord.gg/B8VtEjm


This excellent. And, so is your name! :bee:


This discord is disorganized.


Are we sure this is “Official”?


Nah, its probably some random dude who never uses the SRK forums randomly making a discord. Should delete this thread TBH.

Leads to nowhere productive.


Where’s the real DBZ discord then?


So far, this seems to be the one with the biggest entry afaik:

This is basically the Discord server for https://www.reddit.com/r/dragonballfighterz/ … not to be confused with r/dbfz (which has a smaller userbase).

Something to note: Assigning roles may seem complicated to some (I have a pet peeve as to why the character channels aren’t unlocked by default… isn’t the idea of character topics is to learn “EVERYTHING” about them?)

I’d suggest we use a combination of this Discord server (https://discord.gg/dbfz) along with the SRK Discord server for now.


This one seems decent and is the first one I ran into. Has character forums and a little over 2100 users


Whats the srk discord?


Just seems like false info, official fan server.