Official Ecc Money Match Thread!

Post all your money matches and shit talk right here.

Official ecc post and info this weekend.

Assuming I can use the sticks at The Break, would anybody want some ST money matches, say, 3/5 for $20?

All money matches are in CvS2:

Jeron Greyson: 2/3 for $10

Arturo Sanchez: 2/3 for $10

Julian Robinson: 2/3 for $10

These are three high touted players I’ve never had a chance to take on.

I’ll put aside another $70 USD for CvS2 money matches so if you want to take a crack at me and you’re from outside Canada then drop a line here and I’m sure we can make it happen (unless you’re Justin or Ricky because I’m scared of you).

ill play you for 10 all i can do is roll super and super jump rh with every character

Then you’ve got two steps on me. I’ll take it. :tup:

they gotta be crazy to money match u.

What are you talking about? Didn’t you see the way DSP beat me down at Evo…? :sad:

I’ll take that bet for 10 dollars :annoy:


This is pottero
well, i got:
Me vs. erik: first to 10 for 100
me vs. matrix 1st to 5 for 50
ec. vs. wc(dipsssssss) 5 v5 100 a head.

anybody else wanna donate to the “Potter is nicer than me fund” get at me aka pottachu luck hopefully pulls through. D=

I can’t wait til ecc <3

Skisonic for $20 4/7 in marvel!!

This thread needs more BLOOD

ill side bet 100$ that potter beats erik 1st to 10 for 100$, any takers?

also, ill side bet $50 that potter beats matrix 1st to 5 for $50, any takers?

and you can pretty much guarentee i’ll take most bets during the EC vs WC 5v5.

so, everyone post up if you are interested.

wow i love money matches! here’s my challenges:

CvS2: ne one in EC $10 2/3(other than jwong + ricky)
3s: ne one in EC $10-20 2/3 or 3/5 (other than jwong + ricky unless they wanna use sean again :wgrin: )
GGXX: ne one in EC $5 2/3

hurry and make ur bets! it’s once in a year’s chance to take our money!

Slash or Reload?

Also Ruin 20$ #r or slash 3/5.

I got 20 on combo fiend over you…IN ALL THOSE GAMES.


robust: alrite sure, but i’m only betting $10 max for side bets in all those games

k i’m gonna write down all the bets/side bets i’m making
keep them coming ppl!

ill take all 3 games

Smoothcat - 3/5 for $20 (changed it from 2/3) (CvS2)

Nagata - 2/3 for $10? (CvS2)

JS, I’ll take you up on that money match in #R, 2/3 for $5!

I’ll take money matches in CvS2 / MBR / EFZ cuz I suck in everythign else.


ok so far i got:
Master Chibi #R, 2/3 for $5
Flash Metroid CvS2, 3s, #R
Robust (side bet on combo fiend for all 3 games $10)
Aminor threat #R, 2/3 for $5
*correct me if i’m wrong

Master chibi: would u like to play some cvs2 for money wit me too?

PS. i’m very serious about these money matches, it’s one of the main reason dat motivates me to go down there, so plz ppl, dun’t back out of them!