--- Official ECC8 Results ---


st (50+ people)
1st - jason cole
2nd - henry cen
3rd - pete talley
4th - dave spence
5th - omar
5th - seth killian
7th - chris li
7th - mike creque
9th - julian robinson
9th - flash
9th - kris
9th - paul

cvs2 (78 people)
1st - rick-e ortiz
2nd - justin wong
3rd - sanford kelly
4th - arturo sanchez
5th - jason cole
5th - js master
7th - roger williams
7th - arcade kid
9th - alex navarro
9th - baltimore chun
9th - james austin
9th - jeron greyson

mvc2 (95)
1st - justin wong
2nd - josh wigfall
3rd - rick-e ortiz
4th - mixup
5th - josh wong
5th - desmond pinkney
7th - nestor corchado
7th - demon hyo
9th - kevin smith
9th - chaz
9th - damien
9th - jermaine

3s (40+)
1st - rick-e ortiz
2nd - flash
3rd - arcadekid
4th - ed ma
5th - justin wong
5th - henry cen
7th - dennis
7th - arturo sanchez
9th - js master
9th - chaz
9th - miked
9th - norman

a3 (16+)
1st - arturo sanchez
2nd - rick-e ortiz
3rd - justin wong
4th - temujin
5th - nibor
5th - jason cole
7th - will martin
7th - alex navarro
9th - jon chan
9th - edward ma
9th - baltimore chun
9th - dave spence

1st - lex
2nd - other
3rd - other

1st - julian robinson
2nd - arturo sanchez
3rd - jeron greyson

st team
1st - team oreo (cole, seth, julian)

mvc2 team (13 teams)
1st - team freeworld (justin, rick-e, des)
2nd - team burn it (josh wong, blazin, mixup)
3rd - team random (pungza, damian, demon hyo)
4th - team tjn (tony, josh, nestor)
5th - team empire (sanford, matrix, bluej)
5th - team g-unit (wigfall, mike d, jason hall)


  • a huge thanks goes to the break staff, chris li, uberjae, phianh nguyen, robin palm, minh, phil, flash and
  • cvs2 became 2 out of 3 at top 16
  • i can almost swear justin wong lost mvc2 =p
  • thanks to everyone who made it out, hope everyone had fun
  • extra pics will be up later
    -apex will be up sooner or later
  • uhm… dsp beat the empire… lucky sonuva… :wink:
  • i’m still recovering, building meter, and all of that sort so i’ll post extra thoughts later when the dust settles
  • ggpo


God damn. Fucking Mike and Justin.

You guys own. Gainesville is on the map.


My head still hurts.


nice playin everyone in the tournament…
thanx to prez and tigerlee for all the stuff they taught me before this tourney… :slight_smile:


Wow look at that, I suck! :yay:

Damn you Julian, I spun your Blanka super in the worst way!!!11one I know if I delayed my hands for another 0.000000001 seconds I would of grabbed that ball and there would of been one more round. SIGH It WAS a spectacular game though and I DID go out with Zangief this year like I should, rather than with V-Akuma in A3 :shudders: at ECC4, so I’m happy about that.

And my O.Zangief wanted to face Omar’s O.Ken so badly. I wonder…

Oh and Justin, I spun you during the team-tournament. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t understand why you didn’t get sucked into my arms, seeing as how I misjudge SPD distance less than 1% (non-scientifical guesstimate) of the time. I am now convinced there is something odd with Sagat’s sprite, hitbox, or whatever because that 1% is ALWAYS on Sagat.

  • SpinKing
  • ??? ???


Official Grudge Match Results

-DSP defeats the Empire (Jeron and Flash) in ST, wins $250. TFGM does NOT show up as stipulated in the bet, so he does not have to stay outside. Bitch!

-DSP defeats Bryheem 4-0 in MvC2, wins $4 ($1 a game). Bryheem then makes excuses, “I don’t even play this game anymore,” and Team Philly laughs at him and tells him he’s gonna be hungry come lunchtime. Rick Mears steps up and attempts to redeem Philly, goes 1-1 with DSP. Good games.

-DSP LOSES to Pete Talley in ST. Plays him both in the Team ST tournament and once in casual play, Blanka vs. M.Bison. Loss both times, close matches. Pete still has it, made me eat my words. Glad I motivated him to come back!


You missed because you had NO HOPE!!!, sucka! No technical explaination needed, thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

OZ vs N. Gief was hot. You know Norman had you with that super, tho. Too bad for us. Still a dope match.

Gee, what a shock. Don’t get all upset and shoot up a school or anything. :lol:

You coming up here again anytime soon?


Due to my new job, I probably won’t make it up there for weeklies anytime soon, unless I get my job training time changed from 8am to 1pm. Basically I now have Friday night-Sunday off, but work all week. Blah.


Sorry, had to post this…

DSP did not even get top 10 at ST, bold claim from someone who said he was “best” on EC at ST.

In fact, Ricky Ortiz, who you lost to, did not get top 10 either. Unless those results are wrong, well…no more shit talking.

I know what yo u are going to say, you won $250 for a “gimme” bet, so yo u came out ahead, and I am happy for you, notmy fault that Empire (well, Thee Gamemaster) does not keep up on who is good at ST in his clan. But seriously though, you made claims, and got slapped down!

I just thought this wwas funny, I will go play Donkey Kong now, you know I’m just fucking with ya Phil…


I dont want to start anything bad…and Im sure other players from philly doesn’t even care anymore…but why was it that SOOOO many philly players had to play eachother and eliminate eachother from the tourney? Julien and brandon had to play each other to see who gets to play damian…Khalick and Jermaine had to play each other to see who gets to play Josh…and if Isaac (who improved alot:D) lost to Rick like everyone expected, I would have had to play Rick…and all these matches were in the preliminary rounds…I know im not good enough to compete in mvc2 tourney and do well, but almost ALL other philly players had ligitimate chances to do really well but had to eliminate each other alot. I dont think I would come to the next tourney if me and my friends chances are gonna be reduced just to make winning spots for Justin and all his friends. I just think that some cities care too much about becoming part of the scene, and being recognized (for video games?..sad) more than seeing who is really the best. I tried not to offend anyone too much cuz Jetphi did alot of work to run the tourney…but seriously…it was kinda obvious that philly was given the short end of the leash…and don’t even say otherwise cuz I didn’t see NY eliminate eachother until the FINAL rounds…

whatever…Its just a fukking game to me…and it should be to alot of you dick lickers out there…

p.s. All Darksydephil talks about is himself…


Is that a challenge? You think I’m some ST scrub? Why don’t you stop playing Ms. Pacman for 5 minutes and COME GET SOME! Either bring it or shut it, old man!


hahhaha I tied with jermain after all is said and done… order in the court bitches… mixup and brandon tore my shit up… jose, jeff, pungza, mixup, roger, som d, james paige and dirty cole are all special…

did anyone start tripping after drinking like 4 or more bawls? my friend got FUCKED up and it wasn’t the herb…


Thanks man, beating rick in the winners and then again in the losers showed everyone that md is now a force in mvc2. I can’t wait to see those vids, i know at least 5 people were taping each of our sets. Crowd went crazy, and i coulda got top 10 if i beat nestor. I guess going from a nobody to top 15 is good enough for me :smiley: .


(puts down cane)

I may be old, but I can still play ST pretty damned well…hell, you never even saw my best characters= ) My suggestion is you ask COle and Shirts if I would win that bet= )

BTW, I have some crazy guy in a fisherman’s cap that will play you for money in ST, you down? He’s serious…$100 up to 10…he’s not anyone know, don;t worry, but he’ll beat you and 90% of the people that still play the game!


Well all i wanna say is…


Eventhough that was messed up that shit was mad funny.


Congrats, Izak:lol: . We gotta play sometime. I wish I could have gone. I could show you my new and barely improved Semi-Pro Magnus.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Mike Fucking D…how’d u place niggahh? Storm dat shit down

I wanted to come ecc but i couldn’t:( ahhh well nex year:D


I think the funniest shit was when Phi called that kid on his Cell phone and he shouts…DISQUALIFIED!!! Too Fuking Good


Hmm wasn’t A3 a 3-way tie ? BTW I never played Justin, he “somehow” beat Ricky and Ricky cleaned up everyone in the losers bracket. Its all good though, I don’t play seriously like the past tourneys, from now on just for fun… which is what I had alot of at ECC8.

Thanks to all the organizers at ECC8, team Canada really had a blast and we’ll be there next year for sure.