Official EVO Call for Judges


This year’s EVO is going to be bigger than ever. In order to make sure the event runs smoothly, we’re putting out an official call for experienced tournament goers to join the staff as an official EVO judge. If you’re interested, please continue reading.

What does a judge do?
A tournament judge is responsible for running the double elimination bracket in one or more tournament pools. Judges are also responsible for enforcing the EVO tournament rules while running the bracket.

What do I need to know to Judge?
You should be intimately familiar with how to run a double elimination bracket. Tournament experience is a must. If you’ve run tournaments before or judged an EVO pool in the past, even better! You must be committed to running your pool and finishing on time. This is not as easy as it sounds! It’s a bit like herding cats in a hurricane. If you don’t know what I mean, maybe Judging is not for you. :bgrin: You must be level headed, responsible, and be willing to uphold the integrity of the event.

If you are selected as a Judge, you will be requested to report to Judges training at 9:00 PM on Thursday Night. Judges will also receive an EVO Judge T-Shirt so they can be clearly identified by the players, VIP seating for Sunday’s finals, and special recognition on the website.

How many spots are available?
There are 52 pools at EVO which require judges.

Sounds like fun. How do I sign up?
Please fill out the following survey and mail it to before Saturday, June 13th (that’s REALLY soon). The subject of your e-mail should be EVO Judge Application.

  1. **Briefly **describe your qualifications for Judging.
  2. Can you attend Judge Training at 9:00 PM on Thursday night before EVO?
  3. What times on Friday and Saturday are you available to Judge?
  4. Do you want to Judge multiple pools or just one?
  5. What games would you prefer Judging?
  6. What games will you not Judge?
  7. What’s your T-Shirt size?

Ponder will notify you if you’re selected to become a Judge.

Thanks for helping to make EVO the event it is today. Here’s to 10 more years!!

– Tony


Wooo! Staff Shirts!

Too bad there isnt a chance in hell I’d wear one over my dress shirt and slick tie.


unfortuneatly i won’t be there until friday. sad times. would have heavily considered this.


Aplication sent…


Old school people who always help out: we know we can depend on you again, but please send an application in anyway so we can give you a time-slot you want and get your T-shirt size. Thanks again.


Submitted for approval!



evo personal safety/security
sleeveless is a plus


Dude, was just emailing Ponder about you and I! See you at Evo. Hmm… medium and sleeveless? I’m game.


Hmm, definitely sounds fun. Do judges for SSBB get to send kids to their rooms to sit in the corner?


Oh dont give me a Smash Bros Pool… items will be everywhere!!!


Hmmm guess I should make up my mind soon if I am going or not


Yea this sounds like a good opportunity… i still need to get my ticket though.


If you’re selected as a judge, would you still need to purchase a ticket?


I would certainly imagine so.

Also, sent my application last night.


I assume if are judging you cannot play in the tournament?


hahaha sleeveless is so hoss


Wow, lots of (what I thought were obvious) questions need to be added to the FAQ.

1.) No, EVO will not be flying you out and paying for your hotel if you are selected as a judge. This is a volunteer position, and your only rewards are a shirt, satisfaction, and recognition on the Evo2k site.

2.) Yes, you can still enter the tournament.


Judge Marn is confirmed!


lol OH NO BRACKETZ R RUINED!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sorry, when I heard ticket, I should have been more explicit in terms of “cover,” as in:

“If this is a volunteer position, and assuming they do not enter a tournament, would they still need to pay the $50 attendance cover if selected?”

(My assumption would be ‘no’ since the selected judge would be actively helping/participating in making EVO run).

Airfare, hotel was not part of my query, and I apologize for not clarifying.