Official Evo Mvc2 Money Match Setup Thread

i’m not goin to evo anymore, all my money matches and sidebets are off, have a good one evo attendee, the hype is gone

someone chime in!

this should be moved to the EVO thread.

This should be moved to the Evo section

DPC is going to play Clockw0rk for min $500 after Mar 15, when school is over.
this will probably take place at Cal Poly Pomona

DPC is going to play Shady for a min $500, but Shady will only play console, since he only uses Jap stick. still waiting for DPC to accept.

DPC is going to play JustinW for $100 first to ten, Justin using Ruby/Jill/Ken
at Evo World.

DPC is going to play Smoothviper for $500, first to ten, with Smooth spotting him 5 games at Evo World

Buff Mike was offered same challenge against JustinW with Ruby/Jill/Ken, but according to Reset, Buff Mike refuses to accept because if he is going to play justin for money, he wants justin to bring his best shit and not some joke team. Another challenge was issued, and we’re still waiting for confirmation from Mike whether or not he accepts.

Xecutioner has also offered to play DPC at EVO world first to ten for $100.
Still waiting for a reply from Justin.

Infinite also has offered to play DPC for undisclosed amount first to ten at EVO world. Still waiting on a reply from Justin.

and theres your update.

thats a whole lot of cake in circulation.

How u ganna come out with a video talkin all this cash shit and then have to put a stipulation on the muthafucka. Even if he beats Justin all niggas are ganna say is “justin had to use low-tier” so whats the fkn point… Other than that mm this shit looks to be hype.

I dislike DPC like most people here but it was Justin idea to play with ruby/Jill/ken vs mike chaos. Mike decline on the radio while DPC was on and DPC said he would take it i can’t remember the words exactly but then someone ask JustinW in IRC would he play DPC with that team and the rest is history.

so DPC didn’t make those stipulation… Im not on his side im just statin facts.

Plus the dude said his crew had 16k to play with.

I see Justin W , Smooth , X, Clock > DPC rite now I don’t’ know about shady K

Speaking in just terms of matchups, how can anyone even think ruby/jill/ken has a chance against thrax or scrub? wtf can that team do against fly back spit?! This is free money, and DP knows that. anyway, i have $100 on DarkPrince against jwong on this, any takers?

ill take 50 on wong

I like Justin Bet it!

heres one, Me vs Mike Chaos first of 5 for $300

ruin: sure thing

smooth: so u down for 100 on this?

Jill got some decent combos and maybe he can land ruby or ken infinite on sent :stuck_out_tongue:

Dope maybe ill do more but 50 for now :wink:

my boy erik got faith i got faith :slight_smile:

yeah, $100 on Wong…well…if you want, we can raise it this by 50 if you want.

aight =)

so far

ruin: $50
smooth: $100?
merdoc: $150

that’s enough for me for now haha

so your going to lose 350 dollars so far good shit, btw i want my money in 20 dollar bills btw.

I like Erik over Double Pen for $100

:rofl: :rofl: double-Pen