Official EVO Schedule Posted

The official EVO schedule for 2009 has been posted here:

The schedule page also links to the check in portal where you can check on the status of your registration, and eventually get your pool assignment. Please check to make sure you’re registered before the deadline this Sunday. If there is a problem with your registration, we won’t be able to help you after July 12th.

Checked in and it worked.

You are saying we need to check back later online to get pool assignment?
After the 12th?

yes because there are people still registering until the 12th that will affect how many pools there are gonna be and when.

the schedule is perfect :clapdos:

Hey Ponder. Will the Sunday schedule be posted?

Name: Greggory Washington
Handle: G.Squared
Location: *****
Street Fighter IV: Registered
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Registered
Soul Calibur IV: Registered

… this is gonna be hellza fun…


I suppose you could say that you will soon be posting the… final schedule?

Just one quick question. I’m entered into the Brawl 1 on 1 tournament and the SFIV tournament. I’m not going to have to choose one over the other right? I’m sure it’ll be much more organized than that but I just thought I’d double check.

(My first time competing in two tournaments)

oh the long waited schedule

are there current pool listings available or will it be randomized immediately after registration is closed??? it would be nice to know earlier ahead of time so we can plan whether to stay overnight on thursday or come by friday afternoon

also wanting to know this

^read post #6

We cannot make pools until we’ve gotten all the registrations in. Expect them to be posted around July 14th.

The schedule looks very good, I think staff did an excellent job managing the time efficiently. However, I hope there is still a decent amount of space left for BYOC…but, we’ll have to deal.

does this mean we’re not going for 24 hours?


I seriously cant wait until next Friday… and Saturday and Sunday!

i just finished registration and then checked the portal link…it immediately updated me!

do you know when the tournament will end on sunday?

I am Curious of this too. It would be a shame to throw 15 bucks away like that if there is a problem.